Saturday, 28 July 2012

Guess What?

I am owed £1970 because of PPI. Even though I've never had a credit card, mortgage, or whatever you needed to be missold it. But apparently, records show it.

[block number]



[delete message]

PPI, stop clogging up my phone. Even if I rarely use it, I don't want to get all excited to find your messages instead of a real text. Especially when I'm doing something like watching weird videos or dealing with my Sim's needs. (Even if I am a cheat and turn off motive decay, they still have wishes!) I don't want to have a lousy time at a Hitori puzzle because you came along, nor do I wish to have to listen to your fictions when there are much more interesting and worthwhile stories out there that can teach you how to deal with rickets and stuff.

Now stop bothering me, and go away.

No - not you, audience! I only meant those PPI companies who mysteriously manage to get my number and text me.

I bet you've had texts from these companies as well. Go on - say so.


  1. Yup, I had one at about 11pm last night which at once sent me into a flat spin since no one ever texts/phones me past 9.30pm unless it's an emergency.

    Mine was coming up as £2,531 and I too have never had PPI insurance on any card or loan.....grrrrrr

    1. Yeah, it would have been annoying. There's not much we can do really, except block the numbers of those who send the texts and scowl at the TV adverts. Ooh, look, money, we'll give some to you!

      Random thought - does anyone think I could make a PPI advert better than the ones on TV? "If you've had a loan in the last however many years why not contact your bank?"