Monday, 23 July 2012

Hama Beads

With almost every person, there are deeds that they have done that they don't remember, that other people do. This can be very annoying, as they will insist on repeating it or them over and over and over again even when you know that you've done it and don't remember it.

So here are some of mine.

I once took a bite out of a glass. (I wonder how I even managed it - or if it hurt)

I used to go to the toilet every time I saw a sign. (Yes I did teach myself to read at about 4 years of age, (Correction, well earlier than that, possibly even at 2) apparently, and this was a sign of it)

I once stuck Hama Beads up my nose.

I once 'had a fight with' a radiator and cracked my head open. they stuck it back together with Super Glue (its initial purpose in life). I then peeled most of the glue off but it had worked its magic by then. I still have the scar on my forehead.

Once in a car after another driver had done some dangerous manoeuvres and my mother had uttered some less than nice language, I said "Mother, there's a child in the car,"

I used to eat anything except custard and cream - this includes slugs, snails, and snowberries.

I tripped up and I said that my knees etc. weren't hurt. Once we'd got close to home I said "And my hands don't hurt either!"

I convinced a load of nursery nurses that I couldn't speak. They learnt I could when they saw me gabbling away to my mother, and they were very shocked, to say the least.

I got sick on fudge.

There may be a couple more, but I can't think of any at the moment.

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