Thursday, 31 July 2014


Hi. I'm Minim.

I wear glasses and have a long plait, neither of which you can tell by my doodles:

I'm young for some of you and ancient for others - but if you think I am ancient I question your parents' judgement for allowing you to read this blog in the first place - at least, not without checking it out first by themselves (although I guess the doodles look kid-friendly for the most part, and for the most part, they are, and if you think I'm ancient, you're not likely to be the most advanced reader anyway. Unless you're like me and auto-didactic in that area (and holy carp I managed to spell auto-didactic correctly first time round - I didn't even do that with 'correctly' when I was writing this just now!) in which case, when someone tries to irk you off with an 'I didn't know you could read' you can tell them that you were - or you could just carry on reading like I did, and then live with that regret). That's a lot of bracket.

My biological sex is female. I'm an agender aromantic asexual agnostic atheist. That's a lot of A-words. (And yes, I'm an agnostic atheist, I don't believe there's a God, but I can't be certain that there is one) I'm also atypical as opposed to the norm (I'm most likely a touch autistic as a few people familiar to autism have concluded), apathetic about a few topics (aren't we all? Okay, I'm apathetic about clothing - unless I'm actively looking to make an impression, which, most of the time, I'm not. I'm also apathetic about other stuff), and, in my unverified opinion, awesome. (Well, it's better then beating myself up over my flaws all of the time, and I don't forget that I have flaws, either)

I have two sisters, one brother, and they're all older than me (I call them Quaver, Semibreve, and Crotchet on this blog respectively - keep up the musical notes theme). I have parents, they're separated, and it feels just very much normal, as is the experience of living. (And if you don't believe that, then you're more of a pain than the situation is, because I simply don't care - and possibly because I had my own computer at my dad's place from an age that was, in retrospect, a bit too early, but I never minded)

I don't know why I'm making this particular post, but then, I never do about any post. I'm just doing to play some hotdogs on my carefully organised sand now. Or something.

(Not the best end to the post, I note. But then, good endings aren't always possible or plausible)

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Letters to Technology

Dear Java,

If you want to update all of the time, then why not have an update service that actually works, rather than just a bit of a nuisance every time someone logs in? Seriously, it doesn't give anyone a good impression of you.


Dear laptop,

Okay, I'll acquire for you a new battery. Just please stop that light flashing at me.


Dear Sheep,

You're an old game, but I still love you. And I still get frustrated at you because sheep are mindless creatures and they get themselves killed easily, but it's all relative.


Dear Smartphones,

My little device that's definitely not a smartphone is a lot more durable than you. You might want to think about that a minute.


Dear Internet,

Thank you for existing! You really help enhance my life.


And a little extra:

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Life is always better with an ice-cream soda in hand, perched in a seat with a few other people around, all quietly enjoying themselves with some minor chatter about what they've bought in their trip into town, or reading a newspaper, or maybe they're writing in their notebooks. Or am I the only person doing that? It's not busy, but we're nowhere near lunchtime yet, so it'll likely get busier later.

While my particular love is of a coke with a bit of ice-cream on the top, which, I note, is a bit like Butterbeer, others go for a simple lemonade, a nice pot of tea, or a cup of coffee. Lemonade is cool, but a cup of tea is not my cup of tea (try to untangle that one, and then tell me I shouldn't be literal-minded!) and I'd only drink coffee if you paid me a million pounds (anyone want to see that and got the cash to spare?). Tea and Coffee lovers need those drinks in the morning to give them a big boost, but not of the chocolate variety.

A nice meal can be had, too, or even just a plate of chips. A father and daughter may choose to share a plate between them and play Pick Up Chips, a game not unlike Pick Up Sticks, with the bonus that you get to eat the results, and they are lovely (and possibly weighted towards the daughter, but as I'm talking about myself a fair while ago, I don't particularly care). Chips are a beautiful counter-act to the mouth freeze that ice-cream may give you, and the soda can cool your mouth down after it's warm from chips, encouraging a beautiful cycle of sweet treat and and... well, chips.

This would be the place we would go to after a decent shop around town. After going around all the shops, like, for instance, Tiger, and Lush (these two both came in later though) and Thorntons and maybe picking up yet another pair of glasses at Specsavers (I've had a few of those in my time, and it's my eyes who are at fault here, after they made an optician think I was lying because they were that bad/evil because I'm not that good at lying and I was a million times worse back then), and if there was a Lego Store in my town centre I would go to that too only my town centre isn't the greatest anyway and there is no Lego Store here (but there is one not a million miles away and you can always buy Lego over the internet or in other shops), but after doing all of your shopping, you could go here and take a break. And there are better shopping places, in better areas, but none of them have the bonus of a stopping point I've loved to go to since before I remember.

And in the days before I remember, I was much more inclined to have hissy fits because I couldn't have my way, and I had one over us not going there even though we were in town. My tiny mind at that point hadn't yet come to grips with the fact that having a temper tantrum in the middle of town was not a good way to conduct yourself, and were very much a sure way that you would not get whatever you desired, as the mother's foot that gets put down stays put down. She'll just let you yell your head off right there, and no amount of cajoling, crying, moaning, arguing, persuading, begging, whining, screaming, shouting, yelling, weeping, yelping, barking or just generally being a pain in the arse is going to unstick that foot from the ground, however much nothingness is in an atom.

A nice little corner of a shopping centre: now that's my style.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Block

Today, my brain is all out of inspiration...

...for this blog post.

The story running around in there, the fanfic, that's still inspiring like crazy. I want to know what happens with these characters, the original and practically original characters who've turned up, and how the established characters will deal with it also as they're a bit older.

I have never known a block to be that specific.

100% of bloggers in this house are having that difficulty. Well, as far as I know, I'm the only blogger in this house, so that's easy for me to say. 100% of people in this house are related to each other. 75% of girls in my Further Maths class this year were also in my Physics class. 33% of the Maths teachers I had this year were considered to be the God of Maths by my FM class.

The sample sizes there weren't very large. And the sample sizes of surveys advertised for companies who want to sell you stuff don't tend to be much better, and you don't know who they are either, but who they are may have a certain impact on the data.

I'd look awesome with a portal gun, especially with my waterfall of hair that can hurt a bit if I sit on it the wrong way.

Often I clap once in enthusiasm or joy or something like that (I clap more after a show is finished, I promise!). I can do that wrong sometimes and it hurts a bit, but it didn't hurt either although to my brother it sounded bone-breaking.

Snakes are cool.

Lizards are cool.

But you still won't find a snake wearing a fez. Or maybe you would. I have no idea. Maybe if I mention it someone with the right skills and the time and a more advanced program than MS Pain - I mean Paint! I mean Paint! Even if MS is being a pain with the updates thing! - will concoct an image. Or at least Google it.

Hey, I found a whole Drawception game of snakes wearing fezzes. Go enjoy!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

"Do You Want A Boyfriend?"

"Do you want a boyfriend?"


"Don't you want to get married?"


"But don't you want kids?"

Not really, no.

"But when you're old, won't you be lonely?"


The world is made up of people, and a vast majority of those people are into sex and relationships and who's hot and who's sexy and damn would I tap that ass. (whatever people mean by that, I have no idea!)

I know I've joked about my misunderstanding of 'hot' (as in good-looking, attractive sort of thing rather than uncomfortably warm, as I used to always presume) but the actual scene itself wasn't just about that misunderstanding, but also about another part of my life.

I was 11-12, and a couple of my mates were on a computer in a classroom, looking at this gallery of 'hot guys.' They were all fairly famous people. They asked me about a few of them, and after the expected literal sense, (and going through the same literalness with the word 'fit' too), I only thought 'meh.' There was nothing really interesting to fawn over like these girls so obviously were, it was all just skin and eyes and hair and you can see that sort of thing easily at your local park or museum or library or your next door neighbour's house. All such venues also have something else to bring you there to as well, from taking a walk to catching up with a friend. Nothing special about their looks.

These mates would go on to have crushes and such while I would be there, just thinking "I could not give a shit." Romance was far from my mind as I talked to people in general. I've never cared about romance, particularly, it was all dull and weird and why anyone would want it when it creates a whole lot of faff for little reason, nope, not a clue. Most people are fulfilled by it, I know now, but I am not one of those people. Lots of people are fulfilled by sex also, but I know I won't be. My life isn't worse off for the lack of these things. True, I may never fall into romantic love with that random person I connect to for some strange reason, but I will also never be dumped by that person either, I won't have to waste endless energy trying to impress people in that way, and I can concentrate on other stuff I actually enjoy, instead, (like writing this blog now!) no taking partners into consideration.

Unfortunately, the world is biased against people who just couldn't care less. I must have had a million conversations in High School like the one above, where classmates - usually girls - don't seem able to comprehend any path that isn't along the lines of get married, have children. They seemed to be under the impression that you can't be happy without going on this path, well, some of us will be happier going a different way. The world wants babies, but we have enough of those already. Too many people think that you have to be attracted to someone somewhere, that everyone wants a relationship like that. They're wrong.

This is your asexual, aromantic blogger, signing off.

(Anyone interested in further information may like to check out AVEN - the Asexual Visibility and Education Network)