Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Block

Today, my brain is all out of inspiration...

...for this blog post.

The story running around in there, the fanfic, that's still inspiring like crazy. I want to know what happens with these characters, the original and practically original characters who've turned up, and how the established characters will deal with it also as they're a bit older.

I have never known a block to be that specific.

100% of bloggers in this house are having that difficulty. Well, as far as I know, I'm the only blogger in this house, so that's easy for me to say. 100% of people in this house are related to each other. 75% of girls in my Further Maths class this year were also in my Physics class. 33% of the Maths teachers I had this year were considered to be the God of Maths by my FM class.

The sample sizes there weren't very large. And the sample sizes of surveys advertised for companies who want to sell you stuff don't tend to be much better, and you don't know who they are either, but who they are may have a certain impact on the data.

I'd look awesome with a portal gun, especially with my waterfall of hair that can hurt a bit if I sit on it the wrong way.

Often I clap once in enthusiasm or joy or something like that (I clap more after a show is finished, I promise!). I can do that wrong sometimes and it hurts a bit, but it didn't hurt either although to my brother it sounded bone-breaking.

Snakes are cool.

Lizards are cool.

But you still won't find a snake wearing a fez. Or maybe you would. I have no idea. Maybe if I mention it someone with the right skills and the time and a more advanced program than MS Pain - I mean Paint! I mean Paint! Even if MS is being a pain with the updates thing! - will concoct an image. Or at least Google it.

Hey, I found a whole Drawception game of snakes wearing fezzes. Go enjoy!

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