Thursday, 28 August 2014

Why Do Asexuals...

I rather enjoyed doing the google questions a very short while back, and I like answering questions, so guys, if you have a question, ask. Or just eat cake. I don't know - what do you do for fun? Answering questions, and so I'm going to answer some.

I have a few answers: some assuming that some great deity exists, and one that doesn't. So you can pick:

a) Asexuals exist because of the same reasons that variation occurs in humans as a whole. And because of the same reasons that a variety of sexual orientations exist.

b) A great deity saw the state of the world and decided that too many people were obsessed with sex, sex, sex, and decided to do something about it.

c) A great deity thought that the world could do with more bakers. (see next question)

d) This great deity is asexual themselves but couldn't model the world to their specifications (perhaps there's a world-creating committee and they decide what happens on each world) so decided to create some asexy awesomeness as their contribution.

Aces like cake. Cake can be enjoyed in small pieces. People don't think you're odd for not liking, enjoying, or eating cake. Cake is a pleasant and delightful thing to eat, and it's also enjoyable while baking and making it, and making and baking cake is fairly productive too. Cake is everything awesome that we need in our lives and it's very cool.

And cakes don't talk either.

Depends entirely on the asexual person in question, but the black ring is a sign of asexuality. Generally it's on the middle finger of the right hand, but some aces prefer to have theirs on other fingers.

When I finally get myself a black ring, I'm going to call it my Ring Of Power. Or Fluffy, even though it won't be fluffy. If I'm going for anything, it's going to be simple.

I'm going to stab these two at the same time. But not literally. That would break my laptop.

But first:

Sexual attraction: "Hey, I'd really like to do 'it' with that person,"
Romantic attraction: "Hey, I think I'd like to have a few dates and a relationship with them,"

Note: these terms are somewhat subjective and I haven't even got started on sensual and aesthetic attraction yet, which are doubly subjective and somewhat disputed too. But anyway.

Asexual people don't experience sexual attraction. It's not in their nature. But romantic attraction? It depends on the ace. Plenty of aces experience romantic attraction and do wish to be in a romantic relationship. Ergo, why they date, and even marry. They may get involved with other aces, or with sexual people (A good amount of being open about feelings can go a long way here).

...And plenty of others, like myself, have no interest in such an area. And as long as we're happy, we're fine.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Thursday, 14 August 2014

I Don't Know... I got a B in Physics Unit 4. The paper was really evil in itself and should have been killed with fire.

(Still got a C overall in Physics, though, but that's fair enough considering the other grades)

This morning before going in I was all like this:

I slipped into my persona of confidence (who also has her own name but is still attached to me) and walked in and got my A*AC which I needed for my university.

Happy Results, one and all!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Questions from Google

Okay Google, what is...

Your IP address is if it is. It is unlikely to be.
Halal meat is meat prepared in a certain way that appeals to the Islamic market.
The minimum wage varies by country. According to, it's £6.31 for a 21 year old or older (but it says 2013 so...). For us 18-20 year olds it's £5.03. We're cheaper.
Love is a feeling between people. Often people take it only as romantic love but there's other kinds of love too and that should always be remembered.

Where is my...

Your meerkat is trying to escape and you should let it. They don't make very good pets anyway.
Your passport should be where you last left it. If it isn't, someone's been organising your house, and it could be you.

If you even need to ask Google that, you really are not doing yourself any favours.

Do it yourself:

a) Measure yourself on some bathroom scales.
b) If you need to, convert the measurement to kilograms (there are online converters that do this)
c) Multiply by 9.8(1) using a calculator, and you have your weight in Newtons. On the surface of Earth, anyway.

Most likely Windows, or possibly iOS. (Linux users wouldn't need to Google it, I hope)

Alice. Or Bob.

Looking at it for fun or because you're serious? For fun only: Okay, cool. Serious: you're taking it all too seriously and you shouldn't really because when you're born has little effect on your day-to-day life. Your birthday comes once a year. Not every day.