Thursday, 31 January 2013

Welcome to IT

(This is from an IT class when I was in Year 9. The questions being asked are too superlatively easy, dull, what-have-you, so I'm answering them. This class later turned into what-I-call a nightmare class, where it just got so bad that you didn't get any benefit from it. And yes, I have used the format from the Not Always series, but it works)

Classmate: You're on fire!

(I look down.)

Me: No, I'm not.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Start

For some reason I feel like writing fiction. Why not?

The landscape was dry, dull. The travellers were weary and tired. They had travelled on foot for days and days, miles and miles, far far away from the village which had chased them out.

"I'm hungry," the youngest said. "I'm tired. Why can't we go back, Mummy? Where are we going?"

"It won't be long," the kindly voice replied. "It won't be long, I promise,"

"But long until what?"

The woman did not say anything.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

*Fun* with Omegle

Warning: the link ahead isn't really suitable for under-13s to go on. The people there can often be immature adults.

I did an experiment on I did it in question mode as the questioner and all I did was display a statistic. That statistic was relevant to my time on Omegle. (I let Omegle re-use if it was good enough - which I don't think it is - so if you get any statistic, say hi). I changed the parameters of what I was counting a couple of times, and I've got the end result of 300 conversations here:

Number of conversations: 93 Instant Disconnects: 207

(If at least 1 stranger doesn't say anything before the disconnect then it is an Instant disconnect)

Things I noticed:

- Everyone who referred to my gender thought I was male. I'm not - I'm Statistics girl to the rescue!
- If the conversation got long or uncomfortable enough, I'd be disconnecting.

People did say some interesting stuff.

Stranger 2: is this a question?

I don't know - are my statistics a question?

Stranger 2: Thats not a question
Stranger 1: Exactly, Stranger.

There you are then. I think it's clear.

Stranger 1: maybe if you asked more interesting questions OP
Stranger 1: or any question for that matter

I was just giving you a statistic. I didn't care if you actually did it or not.

Stranger 1: what are supposed to say to this? :p

Whatever you like - I don't care really.


There we are then, case closed.

Stranger 2: who gives a shit?
Stranger 1: Not me
Stranger 2: cant really blame people for disconnecting
Stranger 2: this isnt even a proper question

I said: case closed.

And I'm not blaming anybody.

I'll give you some more soon!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Truth or Dare

You could go for the truth...

Me: Truth.

Semibreve: Okay. What's your secret?

Me: Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........................
I don't think I've got one.

Semibreve: But you must do, because everyone has a secret.

Me: Okay... I don't like going in the water at swimming pools? [I lied.]

Crotchet: That's not a secret.

...But then when you haven't an answer for the question set, you're looking at an awkward moment.

So, you could go for dare...

Classmate: I dare you kiss that boy over there.

Me: *goes to do so having seen other people do dares*

*ends up looking mental to some poor victim*

...but you could be asked to do anything.

The best way is to avoid it altogether...

Person: But it's bad luck not to accept!/Oh, you're no fun.

I've never done this but this is the result I've seen.

Looking like a good person socially has never been more difficult and embarrassing.

So, what would you choose?

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

New resolution: To write more stuff. For you guys. Hope you enjoy that stuff once it's written or even drawn.

ETA - Seeing as many of you want alphabet letters music notes I have decided to make you some and so here you go:

I know it isn't professional, but what do you expect?
From me.