Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas - see you all soon when stuff has been done and stuff!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Present

I made this today on a site I found - Play on it yourself - it's a Christmas Present to you readers for putting up with uneven and sometimes non-existent posting.

Sunday, 2 December 2012


Moth: QI was good this week.

Me: It had Ross Noble in.

Moth: And Julian Clary.

Me: It had Ross Noble in.

Moth: And Bill Bailey.

Me: It had Ross Noble in.

Moth: And Ross Noble, I'll give you that.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Hello Again

I'm sorry to have left you all so long. It is stupid of me and completely my fault anyway - but anyway, let's persevere. (I guess if you break a routine it's very hard to get back into it). Anyway, I am an AAA student - you can add a B to that if you want to, but it makes it look far less impressive. I study a lot and that is why I am not tending to your wish for updates at the moment - real exams in January!

People are bombing each other. This is wrong because then they all get hurt and so no-one can do anything to stop it. God, can't the world get on peacefully?!

The answer is no. Because people are, always have been and always will be so stupid. War just means that afterwards, there's a lot of rubble to clear and a lot more people in graves - might be good for overpopulation problems, but ethically it's kinda wrong.

Although maybe some extreme fascists deserve it.

Or maybe, nobody deserves it.

Maybe I'll go and bury my head in sand for the next decade and see if the world's improved since then.

But that wouldn't be very productive and would waste a good decade of life.

Now, haven't you got something to do rather than read my totally stupid and random thoughts?

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Week of Little Attendance

Monday Morning. A girl gets up, doing all of those things a 9 year old kid does to get up and go to school. Entering school, she trumps her way through the freezing playground, up the classroom ramp and indoors.

Not many people were around, but she figured, with a sigh, that it was still early and there was plenty of time for that to change.

And when little under half a class were present, the school day began.

(And a heck of a fun one it was too!)

She had little idea 'twas to be the week of little attendance...

The enjoyable activities went on through the week. (she avoided the horrid cut-stick-arty-stuff one afternoon by having a Violin lesson instead, which was far better) The numbers reduced for Tuesday, increased for Wednesday morning but whittled down to Tuesday's figures in the afternoon, and a small trickle of pupils started to appear for Thursday and Friday.

However, the next Monday returned a full class once again and the class remained full to Friday's assembly, where the class percentages were announced.

5AZ - 89%
5BY - 72%

(I made those two up on the spot, however, the true value for our class percentage is showed below.

If you don't want to know the result, look away now!)

5MH - 55%

Related: Eid

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

More Random Words

This is a bit of a continuation on this post.

Leisure: I spend a lot of my leisure time relaxing with technological advances. Computers and DS games and so on. I sometimes read books as well.

Some people spend their leisure time socializing and gossiping. I do not like to gossip and Socialization isn't exactly leisure. It's more like work.

Text: This is text. So is this. And this.

Texting is what a lot of teens do. I don't do it that much, but it is a good way to send a quick word to someone. Such as Maelstrom.

Survival: Everybody wants to survive for as long as possible. But the conclusion is always the same: they eventually don't.

Soft: Soft is a very nice texture. Much better than all the other ones.

Meal: We had Spag Bol for dinner tonight, in case you're wondering. You probably aren't - who cares about those things? It was delicious, in case you're wondering. You probably aren't.

Rage: Ooh, look at that burning rage at having to read all this. I'm going to go and hide before you unleash it.

Saturday, 27 October 2012


As yesterday and today is Eid, I am going to share with you prior experiences of Eid at high school.

- When there was only one school-day, almost everyone would be off. In my form, there'd be me, and two other people, George and Alice. No-one else. And in some forms there'd be nobody at all.

- All we'd do is talk with the teachers and write on the whiteboards and maybe play a few games or something, only occasionally would what we did ever be related to the subject we were supposed to be doing.

- The school would be practically empty at break and lunch - meaning a lot more space to yourself. To do whatever you liked. Yay!

- At the end of the day you'd go home having not accomplished anything worthwhile.

- Or, there was the two school-day Eid - but only one day was to be taken off.

- You'd get about half a class both days, some coming in on both, some not at all in defiance of the rule.

- The day was very similar to the one-day Eid, only you were far more likely to do some work.

- Eid tended to be good fun anyway.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Word Generating

Let's play a game of Word Generator! Or, while you read the total stupidity I'm about to spew, I'll generate words using a generator and then ramble a bit about them. Or something like that.

Address: I often spell this as 'adress' without meaning to - it's just bad habit! An Address could be a house address or an email address. My 'Blog Address' is where you can contact me if you need to - but only about the blog - Anything else, tough luck. If you are known by me, you should have another suitable means of contacting me, and if you aren't known by me, you shouldn't need anything else. So there. (and yes I will try to reply, and yes, you may speak criticism as long as it is constructive). So there you go. Next word please.

Rock: These things are everywhere on the ground and you can get them for free. They can be used as a weapon but you will probably be arrested for it. Certain Pokemon can disguise themselves as rocks. Rock 'n' Roll is when you pick up a rock, and you roll it down a hill watching what it does. I'm just kidding. It's a music genre that is associated with rock cake.

Voting: At school you would have votes for Form Captain, Vice Captains (boy and girl) and Form Representatives (again, boy and girl). I often tried for one of these positions before I realized that I would not be a good choice for any kind of job that involved talking to other people. One year the Vice Captain was between me and a short grumpy girl - I had once revealed my less-than-positive view of her to a group of gittish boys because they'd asked about it and I hadn't thought that they'd do anything about it because they'd said something that made me think they were going to keep it to themselves, but instead they shouted it across the grounds (we were doing some Art out there). What happened at this vote? An annoying boy said across the classroom "Don't Vote for Minim!" (Paraphrasing, cos he used my real name). I didn't get the position.

Convert: One boy, I'll call him Ali, tried to get me to believe in God. I'd told him I was atheist. He was a Muslim. I think Ali wanted me to convert to Islam, once he asked me about it but I didn't hear him properly over about a dozen keyboards. I could rant about Music class forever but I'm actually just going to value the fact that I may have written quite a bit and leave you to it. I might rant on another day.

Monday, 22 October 2012

The Problem with Inspiration

Okay. I am sorry for leaving you all alone last week. I was taking a sickie. But I'm back now and I actually want to get on to more things, so let's get started.

Little voice: On what?

Me: I don't know! I don't usually write on a Monday any more, I'm usually posting on a Tuesday or a Friday.

Little Voice: Then why not write something tomorrow?

Me: But I need to make up for last week! I didn't even post then.

Little Voice: Then publish a picture.

Me: I don't know which I've published and which I haven't. Anyway, the audience deserve better from me than a rotten picture.

Little Voice: A picture is worth 1000 words.

Me: If I ever draw it right...

Little Voice: Well, write about something, then!

Me: Okay...

*stares at the wall for long time*

Little Voice: What's going through your head, write about that.

Me: Hmmm, Tartiflette.....

Little Voice: *sigh* this is going to take a long time... why not just tell them you're dead?

Me: No. Then I couldn't write anything on here ever again and anyway it would be a lie. Like the cake. Oh, forget it, I'm going off to do other internet things.

Little Voice: Bye!

Friday, 12 October 2012

Betraying Trust

As a 10 year old, I was trusted to walk home by myself. In later days I walked part of the way with a nice girl called Hepzibah. But in the earlier days I used that trust for my own purposes.

Going on the swings.

I started off rather paranoidedly (is that even a word?), as you do - it would be one or two minutes before I was hiking home again, smiling about my victory and hastening off home.

It wouldn't be too long before I started to get cocky.

This started with staying longer at the playpark, 5 to 10 minutes minimum. because it was so fun.

Then I started to use the other gate out of school. It was closer to the park than the one I was supposed to use, so I used it. Unfortunately for me the Lollipop Lady there was good friends with my mother and she told Moth that I'd been going out that gate recently. Moth automatically thought "Bullying" and so she asked about it several times. I wasn't supposed to be going to the swings, I thought, so I never said anything about that, and as Moth only followed up the bullying line I got off Scott-free. Which must have been very relieving for Scott.

As I started to get even more comfortable about my stupid little excursions I started going the park way home rather than the way I was supposed to go. This could have caused 152 problems, but only one occurred - that is, I spent so much time in the park that I met my elder brother and sister on the way home. They asked me why I was going that way, and I lied, by saying that I'd been gathering conkers. I'm not sure if they were convinced or not but they never really looked into it.

I started walking with a 6-7 year old and her family instead (My sister thought this was immature, but so was I) and later on, a girl of my own age - Hepzibah. I guess it was more appropriate than playing on the swings.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Technorati Claim


This was put here because I want to expand my viewership - read on if you want to read proper posts.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I'm learning some HTML here

I'm enjoying it so far but I'm pausing so I can write something for y'all.

I'm also enjoying names-listing, which is a habit I seemed to have gained.

<b>This is bold.</b>

<br> is a line break.


Still fed up with PPI.

Doing okay at college.

Oh, fuck it, I'm going back to HTML.

Maybe I'll have a proper post tomorrow, if I'm not too deep in HTML. Or on Friday.

See y'all there!

Oh, and ETA - You can now 'react' to my posts! (this means you can say whether they're interesting or dull). So go and vote!

Friday, 5 October 2012

I Solved The Mystery!!!! :D

*Looks around expectantly to see if anyone claps or cheers*

*Nothing Happens*


A load of Year 6 students in a classroom. A bald teacher talks to them. The students get on with their task.

A boy and I take it in turns to write a short sequence of numbers on a mini whiteboard. Then the person not writing then writes more figures that correlate with the pattern.

He writes, 200, -200, 200, -200, 200, -200...

I write, ...200, -200, 200, -200, 200, -200...

Later on in the lesson, we cover the nth term.

Ever since then, I have thought back to that sequence, wondering whether there was a way to express the general pattern of the sequence. But not enough to use Google.

And today, I found it at long last.

Now are you happy?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Friday, 28 September 2012


I feel like writing about logarithms. I don't know why, I just do. So shoot me.

There are many number bases, but the one we know and use the most is decimal. There is also binary, hexadecimal, etc.

Mostly we work with a decimal base, i.e. a base of 10. That is the system that is commonly used in most maths.

A logarithm takes a base and a number of that base and gives you the power that the base would need to give the number of that base.

I don't think that's very clear so here's an example.

 Have another one for fun.

There are some rules one abides with logarithms, of course.

Happy logarithming!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Farm

When I was in Year 4, there was a prospect of a really bloody good school trip - a 2 and a half stay at a farm not too far from home. It was the most excitement-filled trip in my life up to then, and from what the officials said, it looked brilliant, and I could not wait. I'd never spend so much as a night away from home and it was really exciting!!!!!!!

As it got nearer and nearer the trip I got more and more excited, and all of the paperwork boredom and things like that got completed, and soon it was just a point of making sure you were there on time.

Some point very near to the trip, I started feeling crappy. But it wouldn't last long, I told myself. I would be okay by Monday, I would be fine by Monday, it would be someone else who felt rubbish by Monday. I was not going to miss the best trip of my life so far, nope, never. Of all of the trips in the world, this wasn't going to be the one to miss. It was going to be a brilliant trip, and I. Would. Be. There.

When, on Sunday evening, it became obvious that I wouldn't be going, I was really upset about it. Even my two new toy cats couldn't cheer me up. Stupid bloody illnesses.

If those are toy cats.
Monday came. I'd be going on that trip if this damned illness hadn't got me, I thought gloomily.

That day was spent feeling gloomy and rubbish and really just plain dreadful, until a little glimmer of hope shined. You see, the way we were going to go was our class plus half of another class from Monday to Wednesday lunch, when the rest of the year would go until Friday. And in my naive 8 year old mind, I genuinely believed that this was actually a viable option. 

Only it wasn't to be. Even if it was feasible, I still felt all eeuuurrrghhh. It was horrible to feel so yucky and it was horrible to miss out on what could have been the best trip ever.

The yuckiness stayed around for 3 weeks after it started, one of those weeks I was in school and had turned to tears because I'd been confronted about some work that wasn't very good (it may have been art and I never was good at art anyway). Not the happiest time of my life.

After everything was okay again I ignored my brother, Crotchet, who moaned about never having the chance of the farm visit (when he was in Year 5 the pupils who took the farm visit were changed from Year 6 students to Year 4 students) and pinned all of my hopes on having perfect health for the Year 6 France trip. Thank God that that did happen.

Sunday, 23 September 2012


I just drew a 'comic' strip, and thought I'd share it with you all. Enjoy.

I bet you don't understand carrot language

Friday, 21 September 2012

A Letter to PPI Companies

Dear PPI companies,

Please stop being such utter jerks.

You have texted me, saying that I'd be rich if I claimed on PPI I couldn't have got. You have littered the minutes of TV advertisements with your claims that money has been put aside for me even though my 16-18 Current Account does not allow me an overdraft because of my age.

And now you're using internet advertising

(Those are interrobangs, people, that are often found in ?! form)

This is what I want to say to you in simple plain English that you should be able to understand, and made funky so you don't have a chance of missing it.

Please Stop.

I am fed up with you. If the whole stupid PPI stupidity had ever affected me, I could go to my bank for free. And that's what I would do if I had taken out anything - which, as you should be aware, isn't very possible.

In fact, Google PPI. Everything you get is about PPI claims. It's not about what PPI is, or if PPI is a good option on the loan you're just about to get, or even other insurance you could use instead of PPI.

And it says I'm in Swindon!
So, stop making me want to tear my hair out and weave it into a rug. My mental health is more important than your unregulated businesses.

Yours faithfully,


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

College, or, I Am Weird

I have been attending Sixth Form college for two weeks, now, and I haven't got anything else I want to write about this Tuesday so I'm going to halt production on another names list (I am forever doing names lists) and try not to get distracted by the Tim Minchin DVD (which is really difficult because of certain tendencies towards ADD and a slight sound sensitivity - not to mention that Tim Minchin is Totally Awesome), the cat (my brother's cat!), and

[starts singing along to TM]

[song ends]

What was I on about again?

Okay, I shall do some writing on college, and rate certain aspects - probably comparing it to High School as well.


HS Rating: 2/10
College Rating: 5/10

My social life seems to have improved. I used to barely speak with anyone except teachers (and I got laughed at for that *sigh*) and those I did speak to in school time outside of lessons either were lots younger than me in the case of later years (year 7/8-ish), a lot older than me and knowing me as "Crotchet's sister" (they'd have been year 10/11 when I was year 7/8). Those my age heard a load of gabble, often about the Chalet School or other things I found interesting (True story: I once spent a whole lunchtime talking about an option in the Maths Challenge - More Information Needed). Well, about, one or two people, really. This was usually early morning to one person, and when another came in, I ended up completely silent while the other two talked for a bit and then went outside for a walk. And then at lunchtimes I'd gabble away until someone challenged me to run around the field once and when I had completed they weren't there and I spent the whole of the rest of lunchtime looking for them and panicking. (Okay, it only happened once, but there's the issue of making it interesting).

Now, I have a better, more balanced way of approaching conversations. Okay, I still would never dare to start a conversation, and don't like to speak in a group (Or even just trying to think myself into talking and Not Doing So - it's worse the larger the number). But, I know different ways to approach conversation (ask questions - this is easier at College level because you can ask what subjects they're doing, and talk about college a bit, and let them talk about things more than you do.

Okay, let's go ahead while Tim Minchin is playing with a wand/conductor's stick thing.


HS: 3/10
College: 7/10

High school: basic chairs, uniform, not very brilliant desk space.

College: more padded chairs, wearing what I like (okay, underwear doesn't tend to be comfortable, but my arms are) and quite good desk space.


HS: 6/10
College: 9/10

High School: At High School people weren't always serious about their subjects, and classes were large. Teachers who had little control over a class meant that classes were so annoyingly rowdy and it was difficult to concentrate and I always had to go back to the old standby of singing, and then people would tell me to stop singing and I'd hum, which would mean they insisted on stopping me from humming, or later me just silent and just wanting to Get Out as soon as I bloody well could. It was especially bad when the lesson was being taken by a cover teacher. I could rant on forever about cover teachers, but this page is pretty long already and I've still got 2 more aspects to talk about (unless I think of any more). However, lessons did tend to be decent, and were bloody awesome if they were being taken by Mr Aitken. But that was just Year 9 Maths, and one in Year 10. I wanted him as Head of Year when I was in Year 11 like he was head of Year 11 when I was in Year 9. He had an office near my form room, but I am going off on a tangent and ought to get on with what I am supposed to be writing about.

College: Classes are smaller and tend to be more serious about what we're studying (we get to choose, see). I also get to sit near the front all of the time where I'm less likely to mishear stuff (although I do do it - 39 for 35, for instance, which is a bit awkward when it's a page in a textbook).


At High School, the timetable was always full. From 8:45 to 3:30, everything you did was timetabled. so you might get, for instance:


8:45 - Registration
9:05 - Science
10:05 - Science
11:05 - Break
11:15 - English
12:20 - Lunch
1:15 - Registration
1:30 - Spanish
2:30 - Drama

So all of your time that can be timetabled is.

But at college, it's different because you have time that isn't timetabled. So I have one lesson on a Tuesday, and only one - the other time can be used for study, eye tests, lying in, watching Tim Minchin, blogging, and a lot of other stuff. Socializing would be a big part of that for some people, but probably not me. I'm a bit of an introvert.


The nightmare of High School, this was. It was a total nightmare. Apart from the fact that I am hopeless in a group unless I have a specific job in it, I am easily distracted by idiots and end up arguing with them because they are too distracting (and so is my currently favorite song with is a Tim Minchin one *roll*). I always find it awkward to talk in a group unless I am making an objection. But in College at the moment there doesn't seem to be that much groupwork, and what's the betting that there is little in distraction? Pretty high, I'd imagine.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Remember me?

N: Hi, do you remember me?

Me: *thinking about high school* Err...

N: Oak class? Mr H?

Me: *trying to remember Year 6* Umm...

N: G's friend?

Me: I think I remember you... err...

Problem with my memory #1 - Forgetting most people I've met before, and/or not recognising them after years of change.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Fiddle Fiasco

From Year 4 to Year 9, I had routine Violin lessons, always with the same teacher, on a Tuesday. The classes, once a good bit of fun and some extra education in Music, later became an excuse to miss half of my most hated subject - Geography. This wasn't even because I wasn't good at it, I had good marks and everything, but it was plainly not what I'd like - it had a lot more to do with people and later, economics, but I'd rather have learnt names of rivers and cities and stuff like that.

One advantage of having Violin lessons, apart from showing a bright spark in lessons while still missing as much as a quarter of them per week, was half a day out of school near the end of each school year to go to a Fiddle Fiesta (which were much more fun than being totally bored out of your skin in a stuffy classroom full of other students who would be disruptive all of the time). These tended to be good fun.

You'd be preparing for a Fiddle Fiesta for some weeks beforehand, getting all your pieces to practice, whether you were first, second, or third violin. In my first Fiddle Fiesta there were two pieces that were fourth violin, which is almost never used. I remember this because I was lazy and didn't want to do the third violin pieces. Me and B, (an old schoolmate from my Junior school who, like me, liked the Goodies, but unlike me, did not know about the Funky Gibbon) did this. But I am seriously going off track now and ought to explain about the Fiasco.

It was Year 7 that this fiasco happened. I had prepared like all of the other students across the town going to a Fiddle Fiesta. I was dead excited about missing Science and English - especially English which was almost unbearable (I realize later that this could be due to an undermining of my talents (they had me a level 4 instead of 5 like I actually was) and a low intolerance of noise (and that class was really noisy!)). I was also excited at going to a new place to do a Fiddle Fiesta - even if Moth didn't really like it that much (That just made me curious).

So it was the day of the Fiesta. I had my violin (which is an awkward thing to be lumbered with, let me tell you!) and there was some extra food in my schoolbag for eating later. I had to make sure I wasn't tempted by it at lunchtime. I ate as always before zooming off.

I zoomed off to a little area in The Quad, near to the front entrance, and milled around there energetically. Excitement brewing. All of that sort of thing.

I saw my Science teacher as I was jumping around. Without any prior experience or common sense, I felt I had to tell her about the Fiesta. So, I did.

Time went exceedingly slowly for the rest of Lunch, and then Registration, but finally, finally it was the end of registration and it was time to go to the Reception desk ready to leave, collecting our violins/violas on the way (they were kept locked in a room in the music corridor).

We waited in the reception area, sitting on the chairs and so on. Waiting, as business occurred between people and things, and a boy saying he didn't want to go. Hearing some of the business, it seemed that there was some issue up. It was something to listen to, and it did not exactly fill me with confidence. Although I had no idea what the heck was going on.

It had been a very very long time in waiting before the receptionist said to us to go back to classes. From what I can tell now, this is what happened: a parent had volunteered to take everyone to the Fiddle Fiesta. He could take us all - had permission and whatnot. Then his son backed out, and didn't want to go. So because of Protection Laws and whatnot, he now couldn't take the rest of us.


I wasn't exactly ready to go back to class. I had told my Science teacher that I'd not be there, so how could I? She'd have thought I was lying! And everyone else would stare at me for being so late. It would be so embarrassing. Was there any point of going for the last part of the lesson only?

I went and put my violin away, but I was very reluctant to go to science. I stayed in the music room, and it wasn't very long before English. I went, and got some whispers.

And that is the nearest I ever got to disruptive behavior.

Friday, 7 September 2012

The Sun is trying to kill me...

Most people love the sunny weather and the warmth it provides. It makes the outdoors more palatable for them, it gives them a 'wonderful' tan, and it also makes everyone strangely happy.

I think I am missing out on the good points.

No-one else seems to be a massive ball of sweat burning to death like they're in the oven on Gas Mark 9. No-one else seems to feel a bit sick or anything. And no-one else seems to care that it's burning their faces off, instead all going with their friends and groups and chatting like they don't care about anything at all.

In this weather, I get dehydrated like I am a sponge and all of the water is being squeezed out of me. And this is during low-profile activities, like wandering around the college. Not lost; never lost. Just wandering around. And then I'm dead thirsty so I go to a water fountain (or a "wa'er foun'ain" as is said by the people around). And, inevitably, some always ends up going up my nose instead of into my mouth. I don't know if you have experienced this because I am not you, but it is a very uncomfortable feeling.

Going home is a challenge in itself, after all, you're climbing this steep thing that is known as the hill. But when the weather is oppressing you, making your skin leak hot sticky sweat, burning you up and giving you a familiar feeling that you usually associate with too much car - it's called feeling sick - it turns into a nightmare. You end up concentrating on getting to the next patch of shade, and seeing that shade is rare on the way, well, eeek. Do Not Like. DNL. [ooh, nice abbreviation, Minim.] And when you see that nobody else is having problems, you wonder if the Sun is going "Mwahahaha! I hate you, you weird person, so I'm going to make you suffer,"

And then, when you do get home, guess what now?

The stupid lock won't open because the heat makes it too stiff for your puny little claws to turn, even with that tip that you've been given before. So what do you do now?

You go down the road/hill, because that's where your sister Quaver lives and she might be in and then you can play with your nephew for a bit until Moth's home. And they may have "drrriiiiink" as well.

Only your sister is out, doing some college stuff or something like that.

You decide to return to the doorstep, well, Moth'll be back soon. You also decide to cross to the shady side of the road for a bit more shelter. This turns out to be a good thing, as you end up squatting on the pavement due to the morose heat. (Is morose used in the right context, or do I have to change it?) Only some frumpy woman in her car (and cars often have air conditioning) is frowning at you and you notice when your brain turns from 'smush and cobwebs and no use' mode to 'below average and wants good impression' mode. Embarrassment. Fortunately you're already red and can't go deeper, so you get up and pass her, while she looks disapprovingly at you. You could do the same, really, but you don't.

So you get back home and perch outside, intending to check if anyone was in, in a moment. Well, anyone basically means Moth. And, well, she wasn't in then. Cause when I stood up to check, I saw her coming down the road.

But heat is murderous and almost impossible to deal with. 'Nuff said.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

The Problem with Names

Me: *walking along outside morning at school*

Teacher: MINIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: *jumps a yard* [What have I done? I haven't done anything! Nothing wrong. She's not even my teacher!]

Teacher: [audibly] Why weren't you at netball practice last night?

Me: [What Netball practice? I don't even do Netball!] *looks around at teacher* [Oh, she's talking to *Other Minim*] *scuttles off, still slightly shocked*

The problem with names: other people can have the same.

ETA - I should have guessed she wasn't talking to me - she didn't call me Semibreve (that's what I'm calling my sister)

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Brain: Hmm, I haven't updated my blog for a while, I should do that.

*click on 'New Tab'*

[minor comment - accidental @ instead of ' happened, be careful of shift]

*click on link*

Brain: I haven't got anything to write, I'll go on Facebook instead.

*close tab*

*open new tab*

*click on Facebook*

Brain: Hmm, nothing interesting, nothing interesting, ooh, that's awesome, I'm going to like it! Nothing interesting...

*close tab*

*open new tab*

*go on DBPB*

*go through submissions*

*check CBB*

*check LGM*

*check to see if there are any comments on drabble*

*think about blog again*

*come up with ideas*

*reject ideas*

*do something else*

The problem is...?

I don't end up with a blog post!

Okay, there's nothing major coming up in my life, apart from starting college on Wednesday. Have to be there at 8am for that, but no biggie, others will find it difficult seeing as that's when they get up during school time (while I was leaving the house *rolls eyes*). But there is always stuff to write about or draw or whatever.

So now all I need to do is get into the habit of writing regularly.

Thursday, 23 August 2012


I received my GCSE results today!

I have 2 A*s - the Maths which I already know about (I took it in November) and Chemistry. My sister would be proud if she ever bothered to keep in touch. But I'm only following up Maths anyway.

I also have 2 As - Biology and Physics. What else? I was hoping I'd get an A in History as well, but I still got a B and I don't intend to carry on the subject anyway.

I have 4 Bs - English and English Lit, History, and Spanish. Now I have achieved the baccalaureate. (Maths, Science, English, a Foreign Modern Language, and either History or Geography) I got a B in Spanish - interesting when it was only this year I could separate the words during listening.

I have 4 Cs - Citizenship, Drama, Media Studies, and RE. I had expected to fail Drama, so that's a bonus. I expected that grade for Media. And the other two don't matter 'cause they're only halfs. I was benign in the Cit exam, cos I was sitting in seat B9.

The only Ds I have are based on a different system - they both stand for Distinction and are Sport and ICT. And then there are the Ps, English and Maths Functional Skills (They're piss easy). I have no idea how I got Distinction for PE BTEC - I had a Merit when we all knew and I haven't done any work on it since. At least our teacher didn't force us to do PE GCSE because I am certain I'd fail it. Some teachers did that with their pupils (which made for a very empty English class...)

I have 11 GCSEs (15 if you count equivilants - which I don't). And I have not failed a single thing. I am happy.

:) :D :) :) :) :) :) :) :-D :-)

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

An Alphabet - VW, XZ, but why?

Final installment of my alphabet!

Got a request for a pic? If I can draw it I probably will. Just comment!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

An Alphabet - H2O

I haven't posted for a bit so I thought you'd all appreciate some more artwork. Enjoy.

Saturday, 11 August 2012


I have now changed the address of my blog to Change your links, and update your whatevers.

Still upset? Even though I can make error messages:

Make graphs:

Draw pictures:

A picture of what, I'm not sure...

Write words:

Clarabelle decided that she was jolly well not going to take it quietly.

"I HATE YOU!" she screamed. "I hope you FALL DEAD!"

Do internet stuff:

And smile:

(although looking at it, I look like an alien. Or I have radioactive freckles)

Now are you okay with this?

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Name change

I have changed the name of the blog and am probably about to change the URL as well. But not yet - I'll give it time

Sorry, people who dislike change, but my new title is much more relevant to my material and it means I feel less guilty about posting everything I'd like to.

To make you feel better, I've got some pictures for you:


Wednesday, 8 August 2012

An Alphabet - The Music Notes

These are the letters of the alphabet that are also musical notes. Next time: Hmmmmmm...