Monday, 19 November 2012

Hello Again

I'm sorry to have left you all so long. It is stupid of me and completely my fault anyway - but anyway, let's persevere. (I guess if you break a routine it's very hard to get back into it). Anyway, I am an AAA student - you can add a B to that if you want to, but it makes it look far less impressive. I study a lot and that is why I am not tending to your wish for updates at the moment - real exams in January!

People are bombing each other. This is wrong because then they all get hurt and so no-one can do anything to stop it. God, can't the world get on peacefully?!

The answer is no. Because people are, always have been and always will be so stupid. War just means that afterwards, there's a lot of rubble to clear and a lot more people in graves - might be good for overpopulation problems, but ethically it's kinda wrong.

Although maybe some extreme fascists deserve it.

Or maybe, nobody deserves it.

Maybe I'll go and bury my head in sand for the next decade and see if the world's improved since then.

But that wouldn't be very productive and would waste a good decade of life.

Now, haven't you got something to do rather than read my totally stupid and random thoughts?

Friday, 2 November 2012

The Week of Little Attendance

Monday Morning. A girl gets up, doing all of those things a 9 year old kid does to get up and go to school. Entering school, she trumps her way through the freezing playground, up the classroom ramp and indoors.

Not many people were around, but she figured, with a sigh, that it was still early and there was plenty of time for that to change.

And when little under half a class were present, the school day began.

(And a heck of a fun one it was too!)

She had little idea 'twas to be the week of little attendance...

The enjoyable activities went on through the week. (she avoided the horrid cut-stick-arty-stuff one afternoon by having a Violin lesson instead, which was far better) The numbers reduced for Tuesday, increased for Wednesday morning but whittled down to Tuesday's figures in the afternoon, and a small trickle of pupils started to appear for Thursday and Friday.

However, the next Monday returned a full class once again and the class remained full to Friday's assembly, where the class percentages were announced.

5AZ - 89%
5BY - 72%

(I made those two up on the spot, however, the true value for our class percentage is showed below.

If you don't want to know the result, look away now!)

5MH - 55%

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