Tuesday, 18 June 2013

A Play and a Creep - But Mostly the Creep

In Year 10 as part of our Drama GCSE we went to see War Horse. We didn't know exactly what we were doing except watching War Horse at the New London Theatre. We didn't really know that the relevant work we'd be doing on it would be done over a year later, either.

It was a fantastic show (I recommend it to you if ever you have the opportunity to go!). Sound was a bit too much for me at times - I jumped a lot (so for the average range of people it should be fine). This was followed by an "Are you alright?" from the creepy guy sitting next to me.

Reverse and explain time.

There was a guy in my Drama class. Well, no, there were a couple of guys, but we are focusing on one. Derek.

Derek claimed to 'love' me.

Derek: Will you sit next to me on the coach to the theatre?

Me: (Not liking to sit next to people on coaches much) No.

Derek: Aww, please?

Me: Fine...

He tried to hold my hand a lot on that trip. I pulled away. Apart from not really wanting to hold hands, Derek's hand was not a very good sensory stimuli. It felt horrible and yucky.

If this was everything about him, I still wouldn't have minded it all that much. At that age I was all:

But Derek was also a total jerk - which is how he got unfriended and never friended again - hey, I'm making new terms! - on Facebook. Wait, three dashes in one sentence?! Even though he wanted to be refriended, what he really needed was slapping in the hope it'd get him into a sane mind or at least a nicely insane one.

Fortunately, War Horse captivated me so much I forgot about the person sitting next to me.

And I had my fun on the way back.

Me: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...

Derek: What are you doing?

Me: Counting cars. 22, 23...

*some point later*

Derek: Could you stop that?

Me: (ignoring him) 666, 667, 668...

*A bit later*

Me: 999, 1000!

Derek: Finally, I might get a bit of peace!

Me: 1001, 1002...

(Okay, it wasn't exactly like that, but it's a fairly good representation! And I think I got to 1064, but that could just be my brain making stuff up)

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Links and More Links

Because two of my regular sites have gone all weird and are now 'The domain name has just been registered' with a load of shitty links. So, here is my thinking.

Watch Now (Netflix) - What am I supposed to be watching? Why do I want to watch it? Okay, I know what you do and all that. But I don't want to have your services particularly.

Tesco(TM) Value Kitchens - No thanks. I don't want a kitchen.

Gastric Band from £4,695 - Err.... that's a lot of money for something I don't give a shit about.

Ex Display Kitchens - No.

Static Caravans For Sale - Awww, can't I have a dynamic one?

Win Holiday in Cornwall - Because I have a particular need or want to go to Cornwall. (Sorry Cornish people, I'm just not that interested in your area all that much)

Sky TV - Official Site - What about it?

Italian Designer Kitchens - NO.

Man of Steel - in 3D - Why would anyone care?

How to Fix Slow Computer - Delete junk including temporary files and broken links and stuff. Don't let your desktop stay in Aero.

The Open University(TM) 2013 - The most interesting stuff so far. Thanks, but no thanks.

Properties in Switzerland - No thanks.

Esprit Ski Holiday deals - No thanks.

Skival - Catered Chalets - No thanks.

La Tania Ski Chalets - No thanks.

Over 50s Dating Website - Because you need online dating when you're over 50. I'm just over 200 in months, so do I count?

MTB Chalet Morzine - No thanks.

Audible Audio Books - I have Harry Potter CDs, I don't really need much more than that.

Loire Valley Gites France - Are you sure you've not just done a correcthorsebatterystaple type thing?

Riders Refuge - Morzine - It's a refuge for riders. I am not a rider. Hahaha.

Fun fun fun.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I Like Talking about Random Words

So I shall do more of it. Continuing from here and here.

Pin: You are renowned for being painful. and shiny, but mostly painful. You can put things onto other things but you can't bloody well get away from that, can you?

You could hear a pin drop. But why would you want to? It's not exactly a musical note or anything. Pin drop solo? It would be one repetitive sound.

Target: My target here is to write stuff so that it gets out there. Although I'm not worried about that really. I just enjoy writing. Wave if you enjoy reading!

This is fun. Really fun. Really really fun. Or maybe I just like to play around with these text colours. Or these effects. I don't want you to read this. I do want you to read this.

Big text! Tiny text! Georgia text. Times. Verdana. Stop clicking on the wrong button.

Bubble: I'm forever blowing bubbles. 

I like living in my own bubble. It's a very nice comfortable place, as long as nobody invades it. It sort of shrinks and expands depending on environment and the people in that environment. 

Bubbles are round and they float around. You should play with bubbles.

Who needs to be adult when we've got bubbles?

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

There Was a Way Out, But I Didn't Know

It's time to get locked into a school building.

My old school was made up of a cluster of buildings. And a hut. There was the main building, the sports hall, the science block, the drama block, and the art block.

The drama block and the art block have misleading names. The 'Drama' block housed drama, textiles, cookery, and an IT room. The Art block housed art, woodwork/graphics, and some rooms for RE/Citizenship. And the upstairs area where two of three of the RE rooms were was also where my form room was.

Here is a little map of the area.

It's a map. There are doors and stuff.

That main area became a place to go when you got in quite a bit early, as I and Alice were both prone to do. And over time other people would come and go there as well.

Near the beginning, the teachers, or some of them, seemed very keen to lock us out of the area, in the freezing cold outside. Others were more likely to say "Hello" rather than "Get out."

But it soon became habit to check the other door, which wasn't very consistently locked or unlocked. This door was also a good check-place after a lunch break as the front door would often be locked over lunch.

One time, I decided to go upstairs rather than stay down below. This was also common for me. I could perch there and it would be relatively quiet. I could still hear if people were talking downstairs, and I could also see through a large window at all of the people below.

So this one day, I hear voices downstairs. Not uncommon. I see Alice leave the building. This also wasn't uncommon. Okay, so I did have a suspicion or two. But I disregarded any suspicion and carried on with looking out of the window.

It was only when I saw people looking at me and crowding around the area that I moved. I snatched up my bag and rushed down the stairs seriously hoping that it wasn't.

It was.

The door was locked. And my measly muscles couldn't open it. Panic set in.

Somebody mentioned the other way.

I rushed off to the other way.

But that was locked too.

I went back to the main way, and stood there. My mind was a mess of panic, more panic, even more panic, and the thought of fire.

That is how I got locked into a school building. And the ending was so dull that I'm not going to bother talking about it.

Let's just say that the teachers need to access their classrooms sometimes.