Thursday, 13 June 2013

Links and More Links

Because two of my regular sites have gone all weird and are now 'The domain name has just been registered' with a load of shitty links. So, here is my thinking.

Watch Now (Netflix) - What am I supposed to be watching? Why do I want to watch it? Okay, I know what you do and all that. But I don't want to have your services particularly.

Tesco(TM) Value Kitchens - No thanks. I don't want a kitchen.

Gastric Band from £4,695 - Err.... that's a lot of money for something I don't give a shit about.

Ex Display Kitchens - No.

Static Caravans For Sale - Awww, can't I have a dynamic one?

Win Holiday in Cornwall - Because I have a particular need or want to go to Cornwall. (Sorry Cornish people, I'm just not that interested in your area all that much)

Sky TV - Official Site - What about it?

Italian Designer Kitchens - NO.

Man of Steel - in 3D - Why would anyone care?

How to Fix Slow Computer - Delete junk including temporary files and broken links and stuff. Don't let your desktop stay in Aero.

The Open University(TM) 2013 - The most interesting stuff so far. Thanks, but no thanks.

Properties in Switzerland - No thanks.

Esprit Ski Holiday deals - No thanks.

Skival - Catered Chalets - No thanks.

La Tania Ski Chalets - No thanks.

Over 50s Dating Website - Because you need online dating when you're over 50. I'm just over 200 in months, so do I count?

MTB Chalet Morzine - No thanks.

Audible Audio Books - I have Harry Potter CDs, I don't really need much more than that.

Loire Valley Gites France - Are you sure you've not just done a correcthorsebatterystaple type thing?

Riders Refuge - Morzine - It's a refuge for riders. I am not a rider. Hahaha.

Fun fun fun.

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