Tuesday, 11 June 2013

I Like Talking about Random Words

So I shall do more of it. Continuing from here and here.

Pin: You are renowned for being painful. and shiny, but mostly painful. You can put things onto other things but you can't bloody well get away from that, can you?

You could hear a pin drop. But why would you want to? It's not exactly a musical note or anything. Pin drop solo? It would be one repetitive sound.

Target: My target here is to write stuff so that it gets out there. Although I'm not worried about that really. I just enjoy writing. Wave if you enjoy reading!

This is fun. Really fun. Really really fun. Or maybe I just like to play around with these text colours. Or these effects. I don't want you to read this. I do want you to read this.

Big text! Tiny text! Georgia text. Times. Verdana. Stop clicking on the wrong button.

Bubble: I'm forever blowing bubbles. 

I like living in my own bubble. It's a very nice comfortable place, as long as nobody invades it. It sort of shrinks and expands depending on environment and the people in that environment. 

Bubbles are round and they float around. You should play with bubbles.

Who needs to be adult when we've got bubbles?

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