Friday, 30 August 2013

A Quick Letter

To the person under or near-under my window:


Your throbbing bass-line is driving me nuts. It's as bad as a shrill fire-alarm.

And you can get away from a fire-alarm.

Please stop.


(P.S. You just did? Thanks.)

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Playing with Sims: Free Will

What is Clara doing?

Answer: She's diving into a rubbish dump. And I thought her brother was the one who'd do anything for money. And now she really needs a shower.

Not that her dive wasn't fruitless, mind. She found a couple of items in there that had some monetary worth. So I sold them. I then send her home for that shower.

I let my Sims have a high free will, which means that they might end up doing things like this from time to time. But with no free will it wouldn't be all that interesting. I don't know why she chose to scrum through all of that trash but I can only presume she was bored.

Justin has already come home.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Playing With Sims: Moving In

This is Justin and Clara's new house:

You have the basics for surviving here, as well as a computer, an easel, and a baseball. But our siblings are going to need jobs.

As Justin is interested in getting into Athletics he'll want to get a job at the stadium. I send him off there to see what he can get.

Clara has a few places to get a part-time job from, but one particular place catches her eye: the bookstore. She goes there to see what she can get. It's not the best job in the world she gets, but working on the cash register will bring in the Simoleons (in-game currency).

Justin is also in luck. The stadium needs a few more rabid fans (don't ask me why) and they've given one of these positions to him. They both start on Monday. And Justin decides to start chatting with his new boss on the phone the moment he leaves the stadium!

Apparently using technology is way better than talking face to face just in that building.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Playing with Sims: Justin and Clara

This is Justin. Justin Tombs.

Justin is a Sim from The Sims 3 who I created. Instead of assigning him traits that I want him to have, I've got the game to randomly assign him 5 traits. What are traits, anyway? Well, they're character behaviours that means your Sim may act in a certain way on their own or with others.

Justin has:

Athletic: This means that he will pick up the Athletic skill more easily than most other Sims.
Coward: Meaning he is scared of practically everything. This is one I would love to see in action because I haven't ever assigned it to a Sim before.
Kleptomaniac: I can't believe I haven't played with this one, either! It means he'll occidentally 'borrow' things from time to time.
Loner: Not actually a fan of the social world, Loners can enjoy being with themselves.
Mooch: He can get food and money from neighbours. I haven't played with this one much, either.

Sims have Lifetime Wishes, something they will strive for for all of their adult lives. Generally, these come in the form of getting high positions in certain careers or maxing out certain skills. There are other ones as well.

Justin wants to become a Superstar Athlete, which is a high position in the Athletics track. Good luck with that!

A one-person household would be dull, though. This is Clara:

Clara's random traits are:

Bookworm: She enjoys reading books.
Flirty: She is more likely to be successful when it comes to romance and she likes it.
Hopeless Romantic: She REALLY wants romance!
Light Sleeper: She's easily woken up by things.
Vegetarian: She has an intolerance to anything with meat in. Fortunately that shouldn't be too hard to deal with.

Clara strives to be an Illustrious Author, mastering the writing and painting skills. I guess she'll only want a part-time job.

Now that's over, I can set their relationship to each other. I could let them have a romantic relationship, but that wouldn't be much fun. No, they're brother and sister.