Monday, 5 August 2013

Playing With Sims: Moving In

This is Justin and Clara's new house:

You have the basics for surviving here, as well as a computer, an easel, and a baseball. But our siblings are going to need jobs.

As Justin is interested in getting into Athletics he'll want to get a job at the stadium. I send him off there to see what he can get.

Clara has a few places to get a part-time job from, but one particular place catches her eye: the bookstore. She goes there to see what she can get. It's not the best job in the world she gets, but working on the cash register will bring in the Simoleons (in-game currency).

Justin is also in luck. The stadium needs a few more rabid fans (don't ask me why) and they've given one of these positions to him. They both start on Monday. And Justin decides to start chatting with his new boss on the phone the moment he leaves the stadium!

Apparently using technology is way better than talking face to face just in that building.

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