Saturday, 27 October 2012


As yesterday and today is Eid, I am going to share with you prior experiences of Eid at high school.

- When there was only one school-day, almost everyone would be off. In my form, there'd be me, and two other people, George and Alice. No-one else. And in some forms there'd be nobody at all.

- All we'd do is talk with the teachers and write on the whiteboards and maybe play a few games or something, only occasionally would what we did ever be related to the subject we were supposed to be doing.

- The school would be practically empty at break and lunch - meaning a lot more space to yourself. To do whatever you liked. Yay!

- At the end of the day you'd go home having not accomplished anything worthwhile.

- Or, there was the two school-day Eid - but only one day was to be taken off.

- You'd get about half a class both days, some coming in on both, some not at all in defiance of the rule.

- The day was very similar to the one-day Eid, only you were far more likely to do some work.

- Eid tended to be good fun anyway.

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