Friday, 12 October 2012

Betraying Trust

As a 10 year old, I was trusted to walk home by myself. In later days I walked part of the way with a nice girl called Hepzibah. But in the earlier days I used that trust for my own purposes.

Going on the swings.

I started off rather paranoidedly (is that even a word?), as you do - it would be one or two minutes before I was hiking home again, smiling about my victory and hastening off home.

It wouldn't be too long before I started to get cocky.

This started with staying longer at the playpark, 5 to 10 minutes minimum. because it was so fun.

Then I started to use the other gate out of school. It was closer to the park than the one I was supposed to use, so I used it. Unfortunately for me the Lollipop Lady there was good friends with my mother and she told Moth that I'd been going out that gate recently. Moth automatically thought "Bullying" and so she asked about it several times. I wasn't supposed to be going to the swings, I thought, so I never said anything about that, and as Moth only followed up the bullying line I got off Scott-free. Which must have been very relieving for Scott.

As I started to get even more comfortable about my stupid little excursions I started going the park way home rather than the way I was supposed to go. This could have caused 152 problems, but only one occurred - that is, I spent so much time in the park that I met my elder brother and sister on the way home. They asked me why I was going that way, and I lied, by saying that I'd been gathering conkers. I'm not sure if they were convinced or not but they never really looked into it.

I started walking with a 6-7 year old and her family instead (My sister thought this was immature, but so was I) and later on, a girl of my own age - Hepzibah. I guess it was more appropriate than playing on the swings.

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