Tuesday, 30 October 2012

More Random Words

This is a bit of a continuation on this post.

Leisure: I spend a lot of my leisure time relaxing with technological advances. Computers and DS games and so on. I sometimes read books as well.

Some people spend their leisure time socializing and gossiping. I do not like to gossip and Socialization isn't exactly leisure. It's more like work.

Text: This is text. So is this. And this.

Texting is what a lot of teens do. I don't do it that much, but it is a good way to send a quick word to someone. Such as Maelstrom.

Survival: Everybody wants to survive for as long as possible. But the conclusion is always the same: they eventually don't.

Soft: Soft is a very nice texture. Much better than all the other ones.

Meal: We had Spag Bol for dinner tonight, in case you're wondering. You probably aren't - who cares about those things? It was delicious, in case you're wondering. You probably aren't.

Rage: Ooh, look at that burning rage at having to read all this. I'm going to go and hide before you unleash it.

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