Tuesday, 9 October 2012

I'm learning some HTML here

I'm enjoying it so far but I'm pausing so I can write something for y'all.

I'm also enjoying names-listing, which is a habit I seemed to have gained.

<b>This is bold.</b>

<br> is a line break.


Still fed up with PPI.

Doing okay at college.

Oh, fuck it, I'm going back to HTML.

Maybe I'll have a proper post tomorrow, if I'm not too deep in HTML. Or on Friday.

See y'all there!

Oh, and ETA - You can now 'react' to my posts! (this means you can say whether they're interesting or dull). So go and vote!


  1. I hate HTML with a big hate. Problem is that when you post lots of photos you have to get to grips with it. So far I have had daughter to hand to help but now I am on my own and as I am about to duplicate my blog in Czech I envisage all manner of problems with HTML.....

    I shall look to you for help Minim ;-)