Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Word Generating

Let's play a game of Word Generator! Or, while you read the total stupidity I'm about to spew, I'll generate words using a generator and then ramble a bit about them. Or something like that.

Address: I often spell this as 'adress' without meaning to - it's just bad habit! An Address could be a house address or an email address. My 'Blog Address' is where you can contact me if you need to - but only about the blog - Anything else, tough luck. If you are known by me, you should have another suitable means of contacting me, and if you aren't known by me, you shouldn't need anything else. So there. (and yes I will try to reply, and yes, you may speak criticism as long as it is constructive). So there you go. Next word please.

Rock: These things are everywhere on the ground and you can get them for free. They can be used as a weapon but you will probably be arrested for it. Certain Pokemon can disguise themselves as rocks. Rock 'n' Roll is when you pick up a rock, and you roll it down a hill watching what it does. I'm just kidding. It's a music genre that is associated with rock cake.

Voting: At school you would have votes for Form Captain, Vice Captains (boy and girl) and Form Representatives (again, boy and girl). I often tried for one of these positions before I realized that I would not be a good choice for any kind of job that involved talking to other people. One year the Vice Captain was between me and a short grumpy girl - I had once revealed my less-than-positive view of her to a group of gittish boys because they'd asked about it and I hadn't thought that they'd do anything about it because they'd said something that made me think they were going to keep it to themselves, but instead they shouted it across the grounds (we were doing some Art out there). What happened at this vote? An annoying boy said across the classroom "Don't Vote for Minim!" (Paraphrasing, cos he used my real name). I didn't get the position.

Convert: One boy, I'll call him Ali, tried to get me to believe in God. I'd told him I was atheist. He was a Muslim. I think Ali wanted me to convert to Islam, once he asked me about it but I didn't hear him properly over about a dozen keyboards. I could rant about Music class forever but I'm actually just going to value the fact that I may have written quite a bit and leave you to it. I might rant on another day.

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