Thursday, 23 August 2012


I received my GCSE results today!

I have 2 A*s - the Maths which I already know about (I took it in November) and Chemistry. My sister would be proud if she ever bothered to keep in touch. But I'm only following up Maths anyway.

I also have 2 As - Biology and Physics. What else? I was hoping I'd get an A in History as well, but I still got a B and I don't intend to carry on the subject anyway.

I have 4 Bs - English and English Lit, History, and Spanish. Now I have achieved the baccalaureate. (Maths, Science, English, a Foreign Modern Language, and either History or Geography) I got a B in Spanish - interesting when it was only this year I could separate the words during listening.

I have 4 Cs - Citizenship, Drama, Media Studies, and RE. I had expected to fail Drama, so that's a bonus. I expected that grade for Media. And the other two don't matter 'cause they're only halfs. I was benign in the Cit exam, cos I was sitting in seat B9.

The only Ds I have are based on a different system - they both stand for Distinction and are Sport and ICT. And then there are the Ps, English and Maths Functional Skills (They're piss easy). I have no idea how I got Distinction for PE BTEC - I had a Merit when we all knew and I haven't done any work on it since. At least our teacher didn't force us to do PE GCSE because I am certain I'd fail it. Some teachers did that with their pupils (which made for a very empty English class...)

I have 11 GCSEs (15 if you count equivilants - which I don't). And I have not failed a single thing. I am happy.

:) :D :) :) :) :) :) :) :-D :-)


  1. Many congrats! What are your plans next?

    1. Maths. More Maths. Further Maths. Even more Maths.

      That's the gist of it - :D

  2. Oh excellent Minim! Er, not the maths maths and even more maths, though whatever turns you on, but all the results. Great.....well done, you can truly preen your feathers!

    1. What feathers? I don't have any feathers.

      And Maths is Good Good Good.

  3. Well done. Pleased you passed every thing you took and especially English Language and Literature in view of the complaints about the standard being raised after you all took the exams. Well done as well on having a grade improved following external moderation! They are more likely to go down rather than up.