Monday, 6 August 2012


My hearing is perfectly fine...

[Scene: Noisy music room]

Ali: Would you ever consider converting to Islam?

Minim: [What? A slum?] No.

Ali: Why not?"

Minim: Be a bit disgusting, wouldn't it?

Ali: You think Islam's disgusting?

Minim: Oh, Islam. And no, I wouldn't, I don't like the idea of praying five times a day, I have no problems with homosexuality, and I like my bacon too much.'s just the words get confused occasionally.

George: [with very obvious signs of amusement] The couple in front of us jumped at the sound effects.

Minim: [I jumped as well, and I was well further back than they were. Those effects were loud, not to mention sudden]

I can jump at the sound of a lid of a wheelie bin closing.

And now you may have a picture. Enjoy.

(And yes, they are the right way round for me, because I am a leftie)

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