Friday, 3 August 2012

Ad Preferences Manager

So today I decided to look at my Ad Preferences and see what Google thinks I'm interested in, based on the sites I go to on Google Chrome on my netbook. These are the results:

A bit of a disappointment, needless to say. I do enjoy comics and anims, and the odd flash game, and I can see why they would think I like games (I am addicted to this one, at least, not to mention all of the free logic puzzles on Conceptis!), but as for the rest of them...? I don't remember doing anything with Business and personal listings, Microwaves, Dairy & Eggs, or Cooking Fats and Oils (these are just a special type of ester, aren't they?) I don't know what the penultimate one is, so what am I to say about that?

But TV Commercials????? That is just insane. I don't even call them 'Commercials', I call them adverts, and they are dead annoying. I only stand TV Ads as the point in time to go to the toilet or get a drink or to stand as they mercilessly bugger me to death (the Go Compare man, anyone? I got happy joyful pleased ecstatic in the more recent one where he gets shot). But they are necessary to be dealt with.

Because they are the source of money for the TV companies. We wouldn't want to have to pay for them, would we?

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