Sunday, 20 January 2013

*Fun* with Omegle

Warning: the link ahead isn't really suitable for under-13s to go on. The people there can often be immature adults.

I did an experiment on I did it in question mode as the questioner and all I did was display a statistic. That statistic was relevant to my time on Omegle. (I let Omegle re-use if it was good enough - which I don't think it is - so if you get any statistic, say hi). I changed the parameters of what I was counting a couple of times, and I've got the end result of 300 conversations here:

Number of conversations: 93 Instant Disconnects: 207

(If at least 1 stranger doesn't say anything before the disconnect then it is an Instant disconnect)

Things I noticed:

- Everyone who referred to my gender thought I was male. I'm not - I'm Statistics girl to the rescue!
- If the conversation got long or uncomfortable enough, I'd be disconnecting.

People did say some interesting stuff.

Stranger 2: is this a question?

I don't know - are my statistics a question?

Stranger 2: Thats not a question
Stranger 1: Exactly, Stranger.

There you are then. I think it's clear.

Stranger 1: maybe if you asked more interesting questions OP
Stranger 1: or any question for that matter

I was just giving you a statistic. I didn't care if you actually did it or not.

Stranger 1: what are supposed to say to this? :p

Whatever you like - I don't care really.


There we are then, case closed.

Stranger 2: who gives a shit?
Stranger 1: Not me
Stranger 2: cant really blame people for disconnecting
Stranger 2: this isnt even a proper question

I said: case closed.

And I'm not blaming anybody.

I'll give you some more soon!

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