Thursday, 31 July 2014


Hi. I'm Minim.

I wear glasses and have a long plait, neither of which you can tell by my doodles:

I'm young for some of you and ancient for others - but if you think I am ancient I question your parents' judgement for allowing you to read this blog in the first place - at least, not without checking it out first by themselves (although I guess the doodles look kid-friendly for the most part, and for the most part, they are, and if you think I'm ancient, you're not likely to be the most advanced reader anyway. Unless you're like me and auto-didactic in that area (and holy carp I managed to spell auto-didactic correctly first time round - I didn't even do that with 'correctly' when I was writing this just now!) in which case, when someone tries to irk you off with an 'I didn't know you could read' you can tell them that you were - or you could just carry on reading like I did, and then live with that regret). That's a lot of bracket.

My biological sex is female. I'm an agender aromantic asexual agnostic atheist. That's a lot of A-words. (And yes, I'm an agnostic atheist, I don't believe there's a God, but I can't be certain that there is one) I'm also atypical as opposed to the norm (I'm most likely a touch autistic as a few people familiar to autism have concluded), apathetic about a few topics (aren't we all? Okay, I'm apathetic about clothing - unless I'm actively looking to make an impression, which, most of the time, I'm not. I'm also apathetic about other stuff), and, in my unverified opinion, awesome. (Well, it's better then beating myself up over my flaws all of the time, and I don't forget that I have flaws, either)

I have two sisters, one brother, and they're all older than me (I call them Quaver, Semibreve, and Crotchet on this blog respectively - keep up the musical notes theme). I have parents, they're separated, and it feels just very much normal, as is the experience of living. (And if you don't believe that, then you're more of a pain than the situation is, because I simply don't care - and possibly because I had my own computer at my dad's place from an age that was, in retrospect, a bit too early, but I never minded)

I don't know why I'm making this particular post, but then, I never do about any post. I'm just doing to play some hotdogs on my carefully organised sand now. Or something.

(Not the best end to the post, I note. But then, good endings aren't always possible or plausible)

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