Saturday, 14 July 2012

I've tested my brain...

One of the things I like to do is find surveys and tests and stuff and go through them, and see what comes out (i.e. what results I get).

Today, I went on this site and took the test of multiple memory types, the face in the branches, and the Learning Unfamiliar Faces ones. These seem to be accumulations of different tests designed to test recognition and memory.

The Test of Multiple Memory Types was made up of Abstract Art, Verbal Paired Associates, and Cambridge Face Memory Test: Real Faces. And this is how I did:

Abstract Art: A bit above average (Yay!) and I scored higher than 6 out of 10 people who took the test before me. Result!

Verbal Paired Associates: A little below Average, but not far. And the other 4 in 10 who scored below me probably did a lot worse.

Real Face Memory: No-one scored worse than me. I have the worst score, then. Ahh, well.

Face in the Branches was made up of Face in the Noise Branches, Old-New Women, and Face in the Black Branches.

Face in Noise: Another one where 0 out of 10 scored lower than me. Do not do Faces well, it seems.

Old-New Women: And again, no-one scored below me. I fail at faces.

Face in Black: Wow! 1 in 10 scored lower than me! Awesome!

Learning Unfamiliar Faces was bottled down to just 2 tests, Cambridge Face Memory Test: Computer Generated, and Social Pleasure Questionnaire. Hmm.

Computer Face Memory: And another time no-one scored lower! I really do fail at faces.

Social Pleasure: I got so low I might as well have not taken it.

If you have any ideas for other net surveys and tests and stuff like that you've found, post a comment. If you think that this is tedious and you don't want content like this again, post a comment. Then I'll know.


  1. Have a go at What sort of flower are you? It's on the right hand side on my blog. I'm going off to try the memory tests.....

    1. Cool - I'll try to check it out at some point.

  2. I may have a look at those, be interested to see how I do. Bet it won't be that good either, I find faces very hard. Kathryn B

    1. Yeah - It was pretty difficult! Remember that that site does change - it's trying to do experiments there.