Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Form Room

Remember in a previous post when I told you that our form had the same form room for the 5 years we spent at our high school?

Well, that is mostly true, apart from the one term we spent in a different Form Room.

Next door.

We've always been in one of the two form rooms in that area. It's a very small area, and so when we were in Year 7 and shared with some GCSE students, the small area between the rooms was crowded and squashed. This led to problems in that area, and it was a relief when those students disappeared in our Year 8. Although by that time our form were lining up just outside the block anyway.

For about the next three years we had that area all to ourselves. In the middle of that we had a change of form tutor, and now we had two tutors, hence the room change. When one of our tutors left we moved to the other room again, as our now only form tutor had that room (he was the less prominent of the two).

Nearer the end of our Year 10, a Year 7 form got the other room up there. This caused little problem as they lined up in the outside conditions this time, unless we had an assembly. When we had assembly they would go upstairs instead, once we had told them that we were lining up here, not them. They were the same form who shared that area the next year.

Apart from the two form/classrooms, where we first had Humanities in Year 7 and later had RE, there was a trapdoor on the ceiling. Many of the boys tried to open it (and/or hit the fire bell up there). There was also a display board, which stayed the same for about three years and was slightly broken.

There was also a disused cupboard, which turned into the Best Maths Teacher's office in Year 10. Then there were books and files and paintings and stuff in there, and some song lyrics were pinned to the wall. In our Year 11, it became a disused office, but it was unlocked, so we could easily open the door and go in.

This area was separated from the little landing with the big window and staircase leading downstairs with a door. A door that was very easy to open in our earlier years of High School, but in Year 10 got very hard to open.

That is about it for that area, some point soon, other areas of interest will be shown to you.

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