Sunday, 8 July 2012

Names, please

Specifically, female names 7 letters or more.

I am building up a list of long girls names in a spreadsheet program, and I need (i.e. want) suggestions on names. I may be buffering it up with my Names spreadsheet to get some more (and if you've got any other name suggestions, they go in that spreadsheet).

The more... interesting ones may be posted up on this post.

Or, I'm just being annoying and asking you to provide names. Go on, then. I want to see whatever crazy names you can come up with.

If you want to be competitive, then, who can come up with the best name? The weirdest? The name you wouldn't actually want to give a child? The one you'd give to every child (if you could)?

The competition only applies to female names 7 characters or more. That's what I'm actually looking for.


  1. Not being competitive... but Siobhan is obviously the best seven letter female name!

  2. Henrietta, Miroslava, Wendelind, Anastasia, Magdalena, Jindřiška, Brunhilda......

  3. And some more: Vladěna, Darina, Naděžda....come singing on 18th August and I will teach you how to pronounce them ;-)

    1. I'm not likely to get the chance.

      (Why did I just sing that?)