Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Suicidal Teddy Bear

Yesterday was a chaotic day at this household, with construction problems...

...faults on the railway...

...and masses apon masses of bubbles!

The reason for all of this madness was that my 2-and-a-half year old nephew came for a day while my sister Quaver went to a course elsewhere.

We (me and Moth) had to keep this young monster preoccupied for the day. We played with a train set, a car park set, a bubble machine, and a load of Jenga bricks. Moth also corrupted him with original images of Winnie the Pooh and friends.

The bubbles made the floor slippery, which meant it was a hazard zone until the magical mop and the kitchen roll came.

Before Magic Mop

After Magic Mop

But the bubble machine broke, so we couldn't make any more bubbles. So the Jenga-ing commenced, although were structurally poor. Elaborate designs like this:

Soon turned into wrecks like this:

It probably didn't help that there was a giant knocking it over all of the time.

But the thing that caught me up was the suicidal teddy bear:

Apart from its antics, which we will go into in a moment, there were faults on the line, mostly derailment:

But the bear's antics are far more interesting.

A couple of times, it tried to fling itself from the train, but after a fault was resolved, it could no longer fly over the station. Without getting scratched.

(looked fun, though)

So next it tried to jump on the tracks. Unfortunately, it often missed the tracks completely, going over them and landing on the ground. And even when it did manage to hit the tracks, a mysterious force would always remove it from the tracks.

However, one time it did manage to stay on the tracks. But did the train dent it?


The train just pushed it around the track without hurting it whatsoever. That was, until the train got to the bridge.

Because then the train got stuck on the bear. We rescued the bear then, of course.

And it still wasn't hurt in any way.

Maybe next time, eh?

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  1. My guess is that all the wrecking was accompanied by peals of laughter from 2.5 year old. If he's anything like my grandson anyway.....