Monday, 16 July 2012

Student Code of Conduct

Today I received in the post from the Sixth Form College a Student Code of Conduct. It talks about a lot of different stuff about how to behave and treat other people etc etc.

If I had to summarize it in its categories, then I would say - work hard with as little distraction as possible, be respectful to everyone, be responsible about heath and safety and so on.

It is interesting, although really it's just a bunch of rules, you have to sign and say that you will abide these rules. Even then, people still don't abide by them. I know this because my mother actually works there in the library.

Condensed version:

You are expected to attend all lessons, be punctual and prepared, be organised and use study time wisely, ask for help when needed, submit only your own work, keep your phone switched off during 'teaching-related activities', and don't have them with you when there are exams, don't take holidays during term (as if!) and avoid doing to much part-time work during term.

You are expected to treat everyone with respect and politeness, respect others who are learning, be calm, responsible, and orderly, don't harass or bully people, don't distribute notices without permission, don't take drugs or alcohol, and don't bring them on site, dress appropriately (what does this even mean? Where does the boundary stop?), and behave well off-site as well as on.

You are expected to follow H&S instructions, always have your ID card with you and show it when requested (by staff, I presume), don't help or invite those who aren't students onto College premises, be responsible in using IT, look after valuables, if you have a car or motorbike register it with the college and drive safely (who has this stuff anyway?) and respect the environment (there's a list of things but I can't be bothered to share it).

Yeah, I can follow all of that. Easy peasy lemon sqeezey.

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