Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Flutterby Cakes

Today me and Moth made Butterfly Cakes. Well, I say 'me and Moth'. It should be 'Today Moth made some butterfly cakes and I helped'. So, Today, Moth made some butterfly cakes and I helped her.

They are delicious.

Well, first, cupcakes were made:

Om nom nom!
These are cupcakes and not flutterby (or indeed butterfly) cakes.

Now the tops were cut off and the buttercream was made. We had three lumps of buttercream, each in a different colour. One load was left as it was, to be white. Moth mixed in red to the next one, while I stirred the blue. And then she stirred the blue instead of me. These were Team GB Cupcakes, some with red, some with white, and some with blue.

After buttercream was applied I stuck the wings in, and that is what makes them flutterby cakes. They have wings. Moth did a couple of the wings but I did the main bulk.

Then we added sprinkles. Moth did the pastel coloured balls and the hearts. I did the gold stars. You can tell I did them because they were very erratic.

Some cakes don't get gold, of course.
We've each tasted one and they are very yummy. Nom.

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