Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Today is ROA

Today is my ROA, or if you prefer, Record of Achievement! (Or, Leaving Ceremony). This is the day where we all dress up into dresses and such, and admire each other's clothes, before the ceremony commences and we all go to the Hall.

I am very excited about this! Although I am a bit nervous as well. It's kinda scary to think that we're leaving and going on to the local (rated Excellent by Ofsted) Sixth Form College. Although some other people will be going on to the 'Satisfactory' college of these areas.

Everyone thinks that I'll be wearing a blue dress. The same blue dress that Semibreve wore for the same ceremony.

Yeah, right!

I'll actually be wearing very gothic clothes. Mainly black, but there is also a fair deal of red, and a bit of black and white gingham as well.

I'll see if I can keep you updated on ROA preparations through the day.

Update: I have just had my hair washed by Moth so it can be styled. Because me hair is so very long (one slightly wavy bit has its tip resting on my lap) it would have been a difficult job for her. Wetness makes my hair look blacker than its usual brown. But the usual brown is unusual in my school, where everyone has black hair.

Update: Moth is now getting all my clothes out for the ROA.

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