Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Snowdon trip - Day 1

It was a Friday morning, on Enrichment day. A group of us got to school early in the morning, and gathered, with cases and things, to take with us.

We all went onto the school mini-buses, the boys in one, the girls and luggage in the other. We were about to set off, only... of the mini-buses wouldn't start.

It took us a while to get moving, but eventually, we did.

There were 5 girls, including me. 2 of them were from my own band, and they were likely to go off together. The other two were from the other band, and they went off together. I was happy by myself.

We went out of our town, and on to lots of roads and motorways and stuff like that. As always, I stared out of the window and observed the scenery as it flew past. I also may have had my iPod and so I may have been listening to music as well. I know I was looking at numberplates and turning the initials into phrases.

On the way to our camping ground we stopped off at one of those motorway stations. I didn't need any kind of comfort stop, but I did appreciate the leg stretch and so on. I had brought a tenner but I didn't buy anything.

Soon we were back in the mini-bus and going on, into Wales. We were to be in the North of Wales, in a place called Snowdonia. We were going to climb Mt Snowdon. I had been to Snowdonia with my father and brother, but for some reason or another we never went up Snowdon. And I'd never been camping before. This was something to look forward to.

We arrived. The address was actually a pub, not that it mattered. We got the tents set up, and then went to do our own thing.

I sat by myself, and wrote. I wrote what happened during the day, only with a fictional character in the place of me.

People tended to be interested in my writing, and so they asked me about it. I was always happy to show them my writing, although these days I often read writings of then and wonder if I was brain-dead stupid. I think I must have been.

Anyhow, we cooked on these small stove things we had brought with us (open flames etc. weren't allowed). Once our food was cooked, we ate it, obviously (What good would there be in cooking and not eating?). We had to wash up after that, but that business was soon over, and we could do whatever we liked again.

I went to the end of the what-I-called pier (there was a lake and the end of this wooden construction type thing was over it) and sat, looking at the beauty of the lake and so on.

That is about the best summary I can make of the first day at this moment in time. I don't totally remember it all, which is a shame, really.

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