Saturday, 7 July 2012

An unhelpful message

You're listening to some of the most awesome music ever, in your opinion, and you're laughing along (depending on the song). Then you get an email announcing some Facebook photo you're tagged in.

You tend to avoid Facebook but recently you were at some big event, and you were looking pretty awesome. You want to look at yourself wearing that kit again, so you click on the email expecting a link to the photo.

But instead, you get this:

This is not helpful. It repeats itself, for a start, which is just pointless. It doesn't even have anything specific to identify the error.

What if trying again didn't actually help? (Okay, it did, but what if?) The message wouldn't help you in finding a solution, apart from trying again. The only thing you could do is click 'OK' even though it evidently isn't. Even if there was an error code, it would help if the problem isn't just solved by trying again.

But then again, what would I know? Trying again did help, after all.


  1. Loll....I often want to hit those sorts of helpful messages.

    1. Don't I know it! They're pointless, really.