Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Time. Wait for it.

I have been enraptured by Time ever since I first found it on xkcd. The beautiful simplicity of it, the mystery and excitement from every regular update, the way it just has taken over all of my spare time.

It is just so real. You want to know what happens next in the comic and in life, yet you can't help but be a little bit afraid of what it may bring. To know what happens, all you can do is follow the One Commandment: wait for it.

I shall wait for Time,whatever happens, and I hope for it to go on forever.

I also hope the sea isn't made out of caffeinesemencancerbabies, but that is more to do with the complete insanity of the One True Thread, rather than anything to do with the One True Comic.

There is a very helpful tool and there is a whole wiki dedicated to it.

But let's just wait for it.

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