Sunday, 5 May 2013

Banana Fudge Soufflé, and Why I Should Get Adblock on this Computer

So I randomly searched "banana fudge souffle" (with quotes):

I think I've created my own term.

To make this delectable desert, eggs-stir-minute, bother your sister into making some fudge for you, grow a banana plant. Somehow put the soufflé, banana and fudge together in a way that is delectable. Enjoy.

Banana Fudge Soufflé (n): 1. A delectable desert to be consumed while one Waits for It.
2. A term used to convey annoyance (e.g. "Banana fudge soufflé, this TimeFrame changed from the last by 1 meagre pixel!")
3. A triplet of euphemisms (I'll leave that one to your imaginations)
4. Something you'd say when seeing this ad:

Banana fudge soufflé, I am not that old!
But is far too mild for this horror:

I'm just going off for some counselling...

5. A sign that the post in question isn't serious/coherent/the opposite of random.

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