Sunday, 19 May 2013


Most of the world use faces as their means of identifying a person. Obviously if you can't see, you don't, but apart from that, the 'normal' person doesn't spend years confused because of one minor difference:

Horrendously bad drawings, but hopefully you get the picture.
You don't tend to wear a headscarf in PE (whether or not you do anywhere else) and plenty of girls at my old school did. it was years before voice recognition was effective in this situation and girls that I'd previously thought of as two different girls turned out to be the same bloody person. It was confusing to see people in PE you never saw anywhere else, particularly as they claimed to be in your form! And looking for somebody specific who wore a headscarf, when they had PE?

Mission Impossible.

And that's not even the worst bit.

That second one has definitely happened. I only realised it after she'd gone by (I'm calling her Quaver from now on) and left my line of sight. And not once, either. Twice.

I have come to the conclusion that maybe I'm a little face blind, and the harder to pronounce way of saying this to the same effect (added maybe with a little confusion), is prosopagnosia. It's easier to rely on headscarf, hair, general body shape, glasses, etcetera, than rely on anything else. Except cake, of course, but still.

So remember, don't change your hairstyle and still expect me to work out who you are in 2 seconds flat. Because you look so different since you've grown your hair out.

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