Saturday, 6 April 2013

Advert Interview

Seeing as adverts ask a lot of questions, let's answer them! Yaaaay!

 A lot. Why? Is it something a teenager needs to know particularly?

There's one at college I can use if I need to. I've still got most of the free credit anyway. Plus, what do I need to photocopy in the first place? A chocolate bar?

They should make a photocopier that can recreate chocolate bars. It would be amazingly brilliant. Mmmmm, chocolate...

A billion pounds, forever. An infinite number of days.

I'm no leader, or even a follower. Business means you have to always project a wonderful image of yourself and your company. Plus, tomorrow is Sunday and I hate to commit to anything on a weekend.

Nah. I have enough time to look at your advert.

Actually, no. You might know my partner.

You want my partner's name, do you? It's Maths. I am dedicated more to Maths than any human being.

Not really. I don't have to bother about that.

There we go, the interview that the ads have given. Very lovely.


  1. I loved that post. Advertisers could pack up and go home if we were all like you Minim.

    One of my great delights is answering the surveys I get from The Guardian panel of survey responders is to be as obstructive as possible when the survey is about adverts.