Saturday, 20 July 2013

A Thing I Hate: Windows 8

Windows 8 - 3 out of 10

Okay, maybe harsh, but still.

Windows 8 is mostly aimed at tablets and phones and stuff with a touch screen. Which is fine. They put it onto desktop computers and laptops. Not so good.

I don't really care how well it goes with the smart-tablet-electronics-stuff because I rarely ever use that stuff in the first place. According to classmates, my phone is ancient. I don't mind because its main function is to tell me the time where no clocks are found, and to send and receive texts. Maybe with the odd spam call or whatever. But a smartphone or tablet is worlds apart from a desktop computer. And having an operating system for a computer that's designed around the tablet market is like manufacturing dangerous spoon/fork crossbreeds as shown here. You end up with carnage and frustration.

Any operating system you have to google about to discover how to log off of the computer is probably not that user friendly. And they got rid of the start menu so you have to go to a different screen just to open a program. An update made my computer show the Blue Screen of Death every 5 minutes.

Let's just say that Windows 8 is really not the sort of thing you want if you want to like your computer. But you can access Task Manager by right-clicking that bar below your browser window. Just never end the task "Windows Explorer."

Just don't.

The charms menu is on the right hand side. You access it by swiping into either of the two right-hand corners. And then you have to move your mouse again to see the names of each function. Search for if you want to use anything on the computer. Share, because you really need to be able to do that so easily. Start, for all of the promoted apps. Yes, I do mean apps, remember this system is designed for smartphones. Devices, which doesn't look all that useful and doesn't fit in with all the other 's' names. Settings, for if you want to shut down or redesign a little.

And now, after a series of random different points, I shall say this: They say Vista wasn't good, but the ordinary user could navigate it. With 8, you're following a star, hoping against hope it's the right one.

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