Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Maths: An Analysis

"But Maths is so haaaaard. Why are you doing this? I can't do Maths!"

That is where you are wrong, my friend. Maths isn't hard, and you can do it!

So what is Maths, anyway? First, it's knowing how to deal with a certain problem. I bet you know how to deal with this following problem:

See, you can do Maths! Even you, girl who declared she couldn't do it a lot in form when I was sitting next to you. Well done. Have a biscuit.

Secondly, it's knowing when to apply what you know, and knowing when not to apply it. The first and only step you did there was to re-arrange the numbers to get x=8.

But that won't work as a first step with

Here, you have to do something different. Add the two equations and you get 2x=34, so x=17. Then you substitute that value in one of the equations to get y=3. Or you could have subtracted them and got to the same ends.

Easy, right?

Maths: Basic knowledge, then expanding and developing that knowledge. SOH CAH TOA? The chocolate sprinkles on top of the froth on top of the trigonometry coffee. And you can blame one of my Maths teachers for that one.

Maths gives us charts:

That's how I spend my time.

Never say you can't do Maths. Anyone can do Maths.

"What's the point of Maths?"

It's the backbone of Science. You can have several equations that are simultaneous to fly aircraft. Well, 6.

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