Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Our Survey Says...

...something or other, the feedback given by people to a company to help them improve their services.

But even though I have the time for a survey any webpage may bug my screen with, I don't want to bloody well do one.

So stop covering my view of what I want to look at, and stop being so intrusive!

If I have any opinions on your website that I wish to convey to you, then I would like a link somewhere to a feedback page, or an email address, where I can tell you what I think. Or if you're just looking at a generic audience and what they're like or something like that, a poll I can scroll past without having to press a button to get back to the stuff I want to do.

There are things I can accept. Adverts, as long as a) they're not flashing, b) not containing disturbing images, or c) not an auto playing advert with audio. If I get desperate next year (or the years to follow) as a university student, you might see adverts on here (as well as a recommendation to get some form of AdBlock). I doubt it would pay much, but you never know, and I'd probably remove them the second I wasn't desperate any more. I'm not even sure that I would have them in the first place, but as I don't believe in fortune telling or psychic-ness in general (except in Pokemon, because it's a game), I doubt I can tell what my thought processes about that will be in the future.

Ooh, let's see the people who believe in that sort of stuff make comments on it. Then again, I doubt they're reading. And if you do believe, I hope you're not getting cheated by somebody who claims to be such but isn't, because that would be sad and you have all my sympathies. If it's because things are bad right now, they will get better, promise. But it doesn't hurt to be skeptical about these things.

It is good to be skeptical sometimes. Surveys don't need to be an obstacle on viewing a site. But we who share our material with the rest of the world like to receive feedback on our stuff so we can improve and get better and such like.


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