Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Life Goes On

A lot of the stuff I write on here is about my past, tales from the younger me who was brainless and clueless - which is what we all think of our younger selves.

Day to day life is a lot more boring. Get up, go to college (well, school college, rather than University - though that's going to change soonish, most likely), climb the hill back, relax, go to bed. It's a load of routine and so on.

But there is work to do and that is interesting, as well as all the learning, keeping an eye on University offers, playing games that are old and not so old, keeping up with the OTT, and the occasional teaching myself Python when I feel like it, that's all good and interesting.

Today, at least half of my Maths class - including me - got completely drenched in our walk to college. One guy lost a fair bit of his work because his bag wasn't waterproof enough, and it really wasn't the ideal way to have lessons.

This made me realize that my eyesight is bloody awful - and yet still better than my sight with wet and misted glasses on.

How bad? Even if I were good with faces, I still wouldn't recognize the person right in front of me.

This is a rather pointless post, just a note - life is kinda busy at the moment, but will be with you - hopefully routinely.


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