Monday, 4 February 2013

Spam Call Monday; How Can I Help?

The vibrating vooms of my phone reach only me and the person who sits next to me in Maths, and even then she can't tell its direction. How do I know this?

Why, because it is Spam Call Monday.

A very interesting pattern has occurred for a while now, and that is the spam spam spam spam I receive near the end of a two-and-a-half hour break or in the lesson after this time. It occurs frequently but not every Monday.

(Psst! Want some spam?)

Funnily enough, those calls never get responded to. And then, when one Googles to see where these wretched calls are coming from, guess what?

You've guessed it.

(If you haven't, note this previous post and put two and two together. And make 22)

Ooh, wow, insurance for 49p!

(That one was one on the landline rather than to my mobile)

(Apparently it lasted 0 seconds)

Maybe they're not all PPI which came out ages and ages and ages ago.

But still.

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