Friday, 29 June 2012


As a kid, I was very energetic. I sprouted energy, but I always got more from somewhere.

Refreshers were the best sweets ever. They fizzled on your tongue and burst into flavour - if you were prepared to wait! They were also good for crushing, which also let the sugar out. I loved them to death and could consume a packet in seconds.

I would have tried to grab them off of the screen if I could.
"I really love Refreshers!"

Not that anyone wanted me to, of course. Whenever I had had a packet of Refreshers, I was in a super energetic hype and it was impossible to get me down into a seat, to the annoyance of my mother, my brother, and my two sisters. I'd be there, bounding around and blocking the TV screen, or just being a pest in general.

Although it looks like I'm in some weird bubble, it's just a bubble of energy
Lots and lots of energy!

But I would still do anything for Refreshers.

Semibreve: I bet you can't sit down and stay still for 5 minutes.

Me: (having the type of competitiveness that comes with masses of super-hype-energy) I bet I could!

Semibreve: No you couldn't!

Moth: If Minim can sit still for 5 minutes, then Minim, you get the extra pack of Refreshers. Deal?

Me: (who would do anything for Refreshers) Deal!

I sat on the sofa in the corner of the room, intent on getting the Refreshers. Half a minute passed, and I started to get bored. What did my sisters and brother do to stave this off? The TV program was some boring thing, so I couldn't be bothered to watch the stuff.

A minute had gone. 4 minutes left, I reminded myself, starting to panic. I felt sure I would not get those Refreshers, because I'd moved a bit during that one minute. I looked around for something to keep me on track.

Time wasn't going to fly by, because it didn't like children sitting still...

And that's when I spotted it. One thing that I rated even higher than Refreshers.

A Garfield book.

"I... must... get... it!"
And yes, I did manage to get it.

I doubted whether the book would actually hold my attention for the full four minutes left. It never felt like more than that, anyway. Fortunately for younger me, my knowledge and understanding of time passages never was good.

I opened the book. During the first few pages I constantly looked up at the time, wishing for it to be over. But after a while it caught my whole attention and I sat there, reading happily.

When time was up and my Refreshers won, I kept on reading the book, spurred on by the fact that it was awesome, and I could collect my well-deserved and totally mine Refreshers any day. But I quickly finished.

And it was time for me to collect my reward for my being quiet and settled.

But my mother regretted it.

Because I quickly engulfed those as well, and returned to my super-hyper-energetic-madness once more, with a relish. Revenge is sweet, after all.

And revenge can come from sweets as well.
Yay for energy!


  1. I should jolly well hope you can see what I've written! Not much point otherwise....

    Delighted to see you have joined the World of Bloggers - I much enjoyed the Refreshers post - I would have done the same for Smarties....

    And I clicked on Hyperbole and a Half and the first two posts had me in tears of laughter. Am following her too now. There won't be any time left soon to come out of the World of Blog!

    1. The World of Blog is quite a good world, though! Although I think it's called the blogosphere, although the World of Blog sounds far better!

  2. Hehe! Refreshers were great. Still are, I suppose...but reading wins over sweets any time!

    1. Yep, reading wins, even if it's just a comic book.

  3. Refreshers were (are? Have they gone?) great, I agree. Reading always wins though. :-) KB

    1. I had some the other week, so they're probably still around.