Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Overview

So far in my tiny life, some events have happened and some haven't. For example, I have been hyperactive on Refreshers, but I have not yet drowned in a swimming pool. I have been in a swimming pool - two, actually - and I have been in the deep end (freaky!) but I have not yet drowned. That might just be sheer luck, though. Events have happened in my life that I can't remember (like the time I ate slugs a lot!) which happens.

In my little life I have gone through some stages, and I have changed a lot. I didn't come out this lanky (at least, I hope not, that would be shocking, not to mention impossible) or with all of this hair (though it fast grows).

This is my life so far:

You're lucky you didn't have to bear all of this
I think I've changed a lot, anyway.
Looking back, I'm pretty sure I've changed in character as well. I am not positively evil and/or as idiotic any more, I don't eat everything I find, I have a bit more logic and I realize that not everyone is like me. And that's good.


  1. Hullo Minim! Nice drawing. I think it represents the stages in life beautifully!