Thursday, 5 February 2015

In The Cold

It's 12:45, Tuesday 6th January in this advert:

And that weather symbol isn't clear on this picture I've taken, but there's definitely some sort of cloud in it, and it looks like the sun is peeping out behind it. Not that I need my phone to tell me the weather when I can look out of the window. (And it doesn't look like snow or ice or anything like that either. It doesn't look like winter typically does in all the media that's chucked down our throat. Surely the point of a winter advert is that it's supposed to be, you know, winter-y?)

Those phone backgrounds look good too. I rather like the background on my own phone - a load of colourful round things - but those are just as neat. It's a good idea to have a background you like - although anyone can just take a photo and use that if they wish. I took this photo on my phone, I could always use it.

"in store | online | mobile" sounds good too - it gives you a variety of options to deal with the company if you have a preferred method of communication, or you can't use a certain method of communication. I guess that means it's good, yeah?

What am I missing?

Oh yeah.

What the hell is that fucking massive ice block doing in the middle of everything?! It's not telling me 'winter.' Snow and cold wind and festivity tell me it's winter (although on the festivity front it is a good idea maybe not to oversell on it after Christmas, I suppose). What this is telling me is that somebody's got a fucking massive freezer. (That or these guys have gone to the Arctic or Antarctic - or used Photoshop) Massive ice blocks just have that big WTF factor and they really don't help sell your product. I'm not impressed or joyed over one. It just makes me feel like I'm in that massive freezer with it.

And I still noticed the time on the phones first...

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