Thursday, 2 October 2014


It's the first proper week of Uni and doing Maths and stuff, and already I'm learning stuff:

1. Always be ready for the Fire Alarm to go off.

This means, keep your shoes on except in bed, and make sure to have some sort of jacket easy to hand at night. Keys and glasses can go in its pockets.

2. Lectures are easier to follow if you sit at the front.

If you're near the back, people will be whispering and they will be glued to their phones too. Which is seriously distracting and makes it difficult to follow.

3. When in doubt, the name's Hannah.

No, seriously, across all of the first year Maths students, you've got about a 10% prevalence of the name Hannah among the girls. (It's a lovely name, mind you.)

4. Most people are just nice people who would like to get along with you.

Seriously, most people are happy to chat and be friendly and they do like to see that you're happy. Nobody minds if you quickly ask them something or whatever.

5. What I do is completely within my own hands.

I could stay in my room all day. Or I could go out every night. I could skip all my lectures - no-one's taking track. But lectures are awesome so I intend to go to all of them cos they're just so cool.

Most of this uni stuff is brilliant even if there are a few downsides. I'm just hoping I never forget my key. That would be £10 and I really don't want to lose that amount for a sheer moment of forgetfulness.

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