Thursday, 15 May 2014


It is not uncommon for me to have a notebook with me. It's a space I can write, doodle, list things freely, without commenting.

I have my current notebook with me at the moment, so I'm obviously going to explore it.

I bought it about a year ago. It has a translucent, stripey cover to it, and through it you can clearly read what I wrote on the pages on the outside (which were the only unlined pages and probably were supposed to remain blank, but never mind). My name and ID number are clearly visible on the front page, as is my blog address and my doodles. Also, the words "Don't Panic!" and underneath, in brackets, 'large, friendly letters.'

On the other side of the blank page is a false copyright (is that bad?) and a warning.

Because it's not 'actually' copyrighted, if you dare attempt to steal my ideas, you pulchritudinous pig, then the spiders will get you. (Unless you've got a cat. Then the cat will be reprogrammed and then the spiders will get you)
Underneath this, two spiders. That'll stop them, I'm sure.

And then, the first page has stolen words on it.

Up next, story planning. Thoughts about characters I'd made up, the children of characters well-established in another series of books. Or grandchildren, or those who know these children and grandchildren. And then, three word definitions. Then, a small excerpt of an alternate universe to a book series. A doodle. And then a lot of crossed-out arithmetic. And then, a load of website recommendations, with this blog at the top. In fact, this notebook gets a lot of mentions of my blog. Like it's "Minim's Pad, Part 2" or something.

And here at the end of a list of things to Google, it says 'and anything else you want to google.' Well, that's something to do.

Names list comes next (oh, look, what a surprise...), and doodles and randomness again fill the day. Including doodles like this:

Another quote: "For shameless self promotion I will write again and again and again."

Next, some notes I have on a game I don't have any more, some green writing that is slightly morbid, then some writing in various random colours. Then a 'page for penning' which does not have all that much 'penning' on it. Then a page on xkcd (Because when it's not self-promotion it's promotion of xkcd *sigh*) and then more names because a minim notebook without names lists is a minim notebook without names lists. One was started on 2013-06-10. I know because it tells me what yesterday's date was. The next page boldly starts "Project Proposal" but it's only a note as to who to send it to. And at that point I had little idea what problems said 'project' might hold and I was all for it.

The next several pages contain comics. One of a coach journey has various people talking, and one of them is saying "Help. This chair was drawn incorrectly." Little follow up:

After the comics, this little bit of weirdness:

if newYear = 1:
    print("Happy New Year!")
elif newYear > 1:
    print("What the hell?!")
    print("You can't restart your life today.")

More randomness follows, with a boast of "I have a left-handed ruler." Guess what I had just received? Then, more comics.

Later, a book list that started off well but never got past one book. And then, in response to the advert that came out after the National Lottery decided to raise the price of a ticket to £2 rather than the £1 it was at:

We're justifying
The rise in pricing
To those who're buying
on Saturday.

This is just under a doodle of house roofs. Not long after, there is a rant. I was trying to sum up why I want to Maths at university:

-logical and systematic and beautiful.
-Other than that I have no fucking idea. I just like it?

Later on, I also mention that I have "very good procrastination skills." I was trying to do points for my personal statement, but at the time I was so frustrated with it because I had little idea about myself, and you need a good idea of yourself to write a personal statement.

A story in fragmented lines. And then some joking around with questions from lessons.

Explain why the electric field strengths at two points, A and B, the same distance from a positive point charge, are not identical.

My answer? No.

Also, thou shall not post the flashy .gif without warning people first. I will not post the flashiness, this commandment is from one of my many ramblings about the xkcd comic Time and its dedicated thread.

Just remember, folks:

In a world of DARKNESS...
...there is a light.
Damn it, where's the switch?

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