Tuesday, 12 November 2013

I Guess I Love Random Words

Dice: Dice are nice, aren't they? There are normal dice, which you roll and you get a result. Generally they are 6-sided with dots representing the numbers from 1 to 6.

If I roll and get a two, you will succumb to my powers and become a spambot, spamming everywhere with everything. Including but not limited to this blog. If I get any other number, I'll just ask nicely.


Damn. It was a four.

Okay, pretty please will you share this blog with people? (Dependent on whether you like it or not - if you find it a heap of rubbish, you're only obligated to tell me why, so I can see if you've got a point.)

Well, that's dice for you. A sixth of a chance for each side.

Roulette: Another thing that's slightly chancy. This is getting too close to gambling. And I will let it. If I had a roulette wheel, it would not be the standard wheel. Instead of numbers 0 to 36, it would have other numbers. More interesting numbers. Root 2, pi, tau, e, i, etc. because that would make it more fun, wouldn't it?

Err... guys?


Fog: What I am left in now you're all gone. And it's miserable.

Mint: I don't believe in homeopathy. It sounds ridiculous, and works just as well as any placebo. That includes tic-tacs. So, the medicinal value on your taking two homeopathic pills every day is the same value as me taking two tic-tacs a day. And I win, because I get the mints.

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